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FUJIFILM “X”PHOTOGRAPHERS Travel and Nature Summit/ Portland Oregon September 6-10, 2017



September 6-10  /  PORTLAND, OREGON

Thanks to Dan Bailey for providing much of this text. All images © Jack Graham

… and no, you don’t need to be a FUJIFILM “X” Shooter to join us!

_JGP0283-Earlier this year the 1st FUJIFILM “X” Photographers Travel and Nature Summit was held in Townsend Tennessee (in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park). It was a great success. We brought together folks from all over along with some of FUJIFILM’S top management and technical field representatives. It was a great learning experience for everyone how not only gained important information from the instructors as well as the Fujifilm attendees, but from each other. This concept went far beyond what Bill Fortney and I had last year when we came up with this idea. Our thanks to Dan Bailey and Karen Hutton (both Fujifilm “X” Photographers as well) for being part of the program! Click HERE for a short Video done by Karen!


Below is essentially what the summit coming this fall to Portland Oregon is about!

  • Sponsored by FUJIFILM and specifically designed for X Series shooters and people who are interested in the X Series, these workshops will teach you how to maximize your creativity and technical abilities with the Fuji system.
  • Featuring Bill Fortney, Jack Graham, Dan Bailey and Dan Westergren, ( all dedicated workshop leaders) and learn a wide range of photography methods and techniques from each of us and get firsthand instruction about how we use the specific features of the Fuji cameras in our own image making. Click HERE for Bio’s on each of us.
  • Through a combination of field sessions, presentations, image reviews and talks about a wide range of photography topics, you’ll learn not just how to expand your photography abilities, but how to make use of the specific tools and features found on the Fuji cameras.
  • PDX_MASTERThere will be plenty of opportunity for personal, one-on-one time with all of the instructors and informal time to chat and get to know not only the instructors, but the other attendees, as well. You are guaranteed to come away with many new friends! Also, there will be FUJIFILM technical reps and other personnel on hand to provide loaner equipment, enhance your learning experience and answer any questions (or give your own feedback) about the X Series gear. There will even be some free giveaways!
  • Late summer/ early fall in the Pacific Northwest is beautiful… sometimes too beautiful! We will get out to a few locations to learn to use what you have learned at the summit.
  • LAORJAGDN3_20100505_3750YOU DON’T NEED TO BE A FUJIFILM SHOOTER! If you’re an X Series shooter… GREAT!… or if you’re JUST curious about the Fuji system, and you want the chance to learn from working pro Fuji shooters​, then I highly recommend the “X” Photographers Travel and Nature Summit in Portland Oregon this September.


  • Photography instruction specifically geared towards FUJIFILM X Series shooters. 
  • Exclusive and intensive, multi-day learning opportunity in a beautiful setting.
  • Field sessions, group presentations and personal image reviews.
  • Lots of time for informal, on-on-one interaction with the instructors.
    • Professional instruction in small group settings from 4 professional outdoor and travel shooters, all official FUJIFILM X Photographers 
  • FUJIFILM X Series cameras and lenses for you to try out



CS_PDX_STJohnBr2_111121_HF8Each day will begin with a morning field session in any number of beautiful landscape settings, followed by a late morning presentation. After lunch, there will be 2-3 afternoon seminars that will feature any number of topics, and a feature evening presentation by one of the four instructors. In the evening, there will be lots of downtime for informal one-on-one time with the instructors and other attendees.

Each of the X-Photographers will give at least two focused presentations during the summit, and you’ll also see demonstrations by the FUJIFILM staff that will range from technical aspects and creative use of the X Series gear.

During the summit, you’ll learn a wide range of techniques and creative methods from a small group of long-time working pro photographers. They’ll provide insight about their own creative and compositional methods, as well as specific instruction on how they use the features and tools found in the X Series cameras. You’ll learn how to see and compose powerful imagery, and how to use the dedicated settings and creative tools in the Fuji system to expand your own creative photography boundaries.


​Possible Topics

  • Tips towards making better images regardless of subject matter or location
  • Composition: Seeing creativity and effectively arranging your subject matter
  • What makes for a truly compelling image
  • How to be proficient with the different X Series cameras and lenses
  • Camera Settings: Making sure you know what each menu setting does and that your camera is set where you want it to be.
  • How to make the most of the gear you already have
  • Specific instruction on the dedicated modes and creative settings on the X Series gear
  • How to pull together light, subject and background into single dramatic frameDuring the field sessions, you’ll work in smaller groups of 15 people and one of the X Photographer instructors. All attendees will have at least one field sessions with each of the instructors.

LAOREPDX_PM1YES WE DO IMAGE REVIEWS: One of the best ways to learn is to have your own images reviewed by a professional. We’ll have a dedicated block set aside for image reviews and you’ll have the chance to submit two of your photographs for review and comment by each of the instructors. (Images should be on a USB thumb drive, 1600 pixels on the long side.)

During the review, the X Photographers will provide personal feedback about your image and give you expert tips on how to improve or expand the creative or technical aspects of your imagery and shooting style.


The cost for this 3 ½ day event is $699.00

Lodging is not included in the price of the summit, Information on Lodging and Registration can be found HERE

We will be basing our event out of the Portland Airport Courtyard by Marriott

  • All classroom sessions
  • Feature presentations
  • Image reviews
  • FUJIFILM X Series loaner gear and demos
  • Guided field sessions
  • Opportunities for one-on-one time with each of the instructors and FUJIFILM tech reps
  • Dedicated X Series instruction and support
  • The promise of amazing learning opportunities
  • Travel/transportation to the summit locations
  • Personal camera gear
  • Lodging
  • Meals and alcoholic beverages, tips gifts etc.
  • Any guarantees of perfectly clear weather

Please consider joining us. For more information contact Jack Graham

Bill and Jack2




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Bell Rock, After the Storm, Sedona, AZ ©Jack Graham


Last month I recorded a webinar for NIK SOFTWARE, entitled, “Keeping it Simple” (www.niksoftware.com) that you can access via the Nik Software Webinar Library .

You can view it at:


I am presently in Arizona.  I’ll be harding up north to Page, Monument Valley & Canyon de Chelley on Saturday.  Both workshops are sold out!

I am working hard at improving my panoramic landscape photography. Please look at the information on the right side of this blog concerning NODAL NINJA and their wonderful products. They are amazing! Also, I am using software from PTgui. It the most accurate stitching software I have seen.


Pigeon Point Lighhouse, No California Coast

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©Jack Graham

'The Cathedral" Sedona, Az. ©Jack Graham

One of my favorite musicians is Pat Metheny, one of the most accomplished musicians ever.  Pat has written a composition entitled “Finding and Believing”, which is also one of my favorite pieces. Finding and believing is not only primary to becoming a good photographer, it can also overlap into all aspects of life.  Having the right attitude and mindset allows for success. Finding that mindset and then believing in what you are doing with your life, as well as your photography develops success. We all have the will to win. What we really must have it the will to find and develop the right attitude, then believe in you, in order to succeed. This is a process that takes many years.


How many times have we all neglected to set out into the field for a day of photography as a result of negative thinking?  We internalize thoughts such as; “ Other photographers have been there already”; “I don’t have as good enough equipment”;  “my recent work is not up to standard”; conditions “sun, wind; clouds etc.” aren’t perfect”… and on and on?

“Wherever there is light, one can photograph”…………Alfred Steiglitz

Are these excuses better or worse than opposite thinking? Setting out thinking that “Today’s the day, for sure I will create a great image today” might be even a worse mindset.

The question is that is all this negativity, for better or worse is almost certain to set yourself up to fail, and all that failing to achieve a preconceived success  brings to your emotional state of mind sometimes for longer than expected time.

Like many such of dilemmas and questions, after considering all aspects, I would suggest the answer is probably somewhere in the middle.

Most of my better images were produced on days that my attitude was “Let’s just get out, enjoy the day and see what happens”. In other words, if I don’t get out I’ll never even have the chance to create what could be a worthwhile image”.

I truly believe that most photographers fail because of the lack of effort, not skill or having an eye for subject matter. When critiquing images on my workshops, I find most images fail due to very basic reasons.  These include, poor composition, technical issues, mostly simple flaws that most photographers with the basic know-how and experience should be able to rectify with some practice.

Old Towne, Tucson,Az ©Jack Graham

Becoming proficient as a photographer is a result of trial and error as well as time in. Putting in the time in the field, as well as at home reading and studying (you’re reading this right?) is all part of becoming proficient as a photographer. By staying home, making excuses, is not allowing you to grow. Conversely, going out with the attitude that “Today’s the day, I am going to make some great images today”, is just as ineffective. Get out, enjoy the process, and enjoy being wherever you go, have reasonable but not unrealistic expectations.

Understand that there are so many photographs out there available than any one photographer will ever to make in ten lifetimes. Thinking that there is a lack of subject matter is not only wrong, it’s just plain lazy on our part. If you are out, and don’t come across what you expected, shift gears and evaluate what’s available and make the best of it.

Other aspects of the process can encourage positive experiences in the field and keep your head in the game. If you are not at a location in the right light, have unsteady tripods, rushing, you will more times than not fail. Making sure your equipment is functioning, have everything you need with you is also part of the drill as well. For example, I almost always zip up my camera bag after changing lenses. One of the time, I was in a rush, and grabbed the bag and dumped everything on the ground. Little things like this can  get your mind in anything but in the right zone, where it needs to be to not only enjoy the experience, but even make a good image or two. .

A few weeks ago I commented to a workshop attendee that I finally finished editing my 2010 images and I had about 12 I really liked out of the few hundred I kept.  For me I usually have one good image to even consider out of about 10-12. I do not let the other half way decent images, but not ones I would not keep to affect my attitude and thus my growth as a photographer. Not every trip will result in great work. It doesn’t, even for seasoned pros.  Don’t let it get to you.  Let’s face it; even if I fail to come back with some good images, I usually enjoy my excursions and seeing what I see. I often refer to a saying I have heard many times, “The hunt is usually better than the kill”.


Blue Agave Stalk ©Jack Graham

If there is anything that inhibits growth as a photographer is the lack of trial and error. This process takes time and will in the end make sure that your failures are not due to pointing your lens in the right direction, but perhaps some correctable technical issues.

Malcolm Gladwell wrote about success and his 10,000 hour rule. These are factors which go into achieving success. Take a listed here.  Gladwell preaches that it time, effort and putting in time, practice and hard work to become really good at something. 10,000 hours = 10 years of time.


Why not make this time fun and rewarding.

Another talk I think about a lot is this one by analyst Richard St. John condenses years of interviews into a short video on the real secrets of success. What leads to success?


1)      Passion… Love what you do

2)      Work…….Nothing comes easily… work hard but…has fun!

3)      Get good at something…practice, practice , practice

4)      Focus……Focus on one thing

5)      Push…….Eliminate self-doubt

6)      Serve…..Help others, you’ll learn while serving

7)      Ideas…..  Have ideas.

8)      Persist … Persist through failure

Keeping things in perspective is the way to keeping you in the right frame of mind, and allowing you to not only grow as a photographer, but making the road there fun. Isn’t that what we are all looking for?


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With Think Tank’s StreetWalker backpacks’ slim vertical profile, you can navigate crowded places while still being able to access professional photographic equipment.  The backpacks include a monopod/tripod mounting system, a contoured harness and air channel, and lots of pockets and organizers.  Women in particular will appreciate the StreetWalker’s very narrow and vertical profile, especially when combined with the shoulder harness design.

Street Walker Pro

StreetWalker Pro – Holds most 400 f2.8 lenses with a pro size DSLR camera body attached or a pro size DSLR and 70-200 2.8 attached.  Lens hood can also remain attached in shooting position.  Bottom front pocket can be used to carry a tripod or monopod.  A pop out tripod cup is built in for carrying a larger tripod.   Removable seam-sealed rain cover included.



Street Walker Hard Drive

StreetWalker Harddrive

Holds most 15” laptops.   Carry a pro size DSLR and 70-200 2.8 attached with hood in position or a Nikon 400 f2.8 attached to a pro size DSLR body.  Bottom front pocket can be used to carry a tripod or monopod.  A pop out tripod cup is built in for carrying a larger tripod.  Removable seam-sealed rain cover included.




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