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Scouting before a Photography Workshop

© Jack Graham

I am a photography workshop leader. As one, I am constantly looking for new locations to bring my attendees to. I don’t conduct workshops in areas where I am not familiar, but even in familiar locations, I am always looking for new locations for my attendees. (Images below were taken yesterday). We are here scouting in Olympic National Park prior to the start of our photo workshop later this week.

Along with my good friend and able assistant Grant Longenbaugh, we set out for a location that I’ve never been to. Grant discovered this area on his map and after review, we decided to go exploring. We both agreed there was lots of potential. It ended up to be even better than we expected.  Though we had some pesky rain all afternoon (perfect conditions for photographing the rain forest) we were able to find to quite a few locations in this area that will is provide some great locations for my workshop group, starting on Thursday morning here in ONP.

Yes, it was only Monday but scouting locations prior to the beginning of a photography workshop for my attendees is absolutely necessary. , These folks, who are arriving tomorrow night are traveling long distances, taking time out of their busy lives and are spending hard earned money to come here with me.  This is the least I can do is make their time worth it. Again, I love taking folks to new exciting locations. This workshop here in Olympic National Park this week will be no different!

I am heading back there this morning after my office work is completed. I bet we find even more locations to bring folks to. I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but not all leaders do this. As well,  I don’t share these and other locations  with others leaders. This is another reason why if folks come along on a photography workshop with me, we’ll get you into these kind of areas.

Well,  now to get my email and other workshop office work completed so I can get dressed for rain, prepare my gear and get back into the rain forest…another great day of scouting.—JG.







Back from the Oregon Coast/ FUJIFILM EVENT in SEATTLE THIS WEEK….

Rather than duplicate what I published on our FUJI “X”Photography Workshops Site, HERE is the link where you can read about it. I continue to be amazed by the performance of the X-T2 by FUJIFILM. There are many new images on the other site.

_DSF0373I am really getting spoiled. I have had 3 really great groups in a row ( Palouse , Whidbey Island and now the Southern Oregon Coast) Their images were outstanding and they all bought into my philosophy of slowing down, simplifying and enjoying the experience… in other words, becoming artist instead of camera owners!

It will be great to be with my great friends from FUJIFILM later this week here in Seattle as well as my com padre, Bill Fortney who;s also coming out for the event. Please give THIS LINK a read and come join us on Friday afternoon if you are in the Seattle area.

Below are some images from the the X-T2 previously unpublished-  notice the detail!-JG









GREEN on GREEN–Olympic National Park, WA

Spring in Olympic National Park
Spring in Olympic National Park

All images made with Fuji X-T1 and the Fujinon 16-55 mm f 2.8 Lens

OLYMPIC NATIONAL PARK in the Spring… Green is everywhere. Our brain is able to process more hues of green than any other color. Green is abundant … and so many hues make the greens really pop. Add some rain and  WOW!  If you like GREEN, April & May are the two months  to be here.

I spent a few hours scouting the area before my workshop (that starts tomorrow )for some good locations to take my attendees. Here are a few images taken off the normal path that most folks go to photograph.  I’ve been coming here many years and this place never ceases to amaze me. The trick is to learn how to deal with the clutter and make simple, yet powerful images. I’ll be teaching this starting tomorrow!–JG

Below are more images–GREEN!







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I’ll be in Jacksonville, Florida for the North American Nature Photography ( NANPA)  Summit Feb 28-Mar 3. This should be a great event with some great speakers (come hear my friend Guy Tal!), breakout sessions and lots of learning and networking. Details can be found HERE.

I am proud to also announce that I’ve been asked to serve on NANPA’s Board of Directors.

I am featured in an article in Outdoor Photography Magazine ( published in the UK) this coming month called “Great Escapes–Wildflowers”—you can read it here: OP162 Great Escapes

I’ll be leaving next Tuesday for our Ultimate Iceland™ Winter Photography Adventure starting out in Reykjavik on January 18. We will be conducting 2 such workshops in 2014. We are taking only 5 attendees on each event. There are a few spots open. Register ASAP—HERE is the information.

In addition to our (almost full) July 4-14, 2013 Ultimate Iceland Workshop, we have added a second workshop in July with a completely different itinerary.  Again, seats on this workshop are limited. You can access this information here:

ULTIMATE ICELAND “1”  July 6-14, 2013

ULTIMATE ICELAND “2”  July 20-29, 2013

You can see some images made my last year’s attendees HERE.

This October, will be my 19th year conducting a workshop in the Eastern Sierra. Again, I’ll be joining forces with my good friend, an amazing photographer and thinker, and co-leader Guy Tal. Please consider joining us. This is a highlight of the year! Details found HERE.

Also in October, I’ll be back in NE Ohio  for  our bi-annual FALL COLOR & A DAY with the AMISH Photography Workshop (including a private Amish dinner) with my Amish friends on their farm in Sugarcreek, Ohio. I’ll be teaming up with my good friend, world class photographer and teacher Bill Fortney (www.billfortney.com) for a workshop you will not want to miss! I’ll be in Utah October 2013 for a late October workshop in the red rock country in and around Zion NP.

I receive many requests for the link the webinar I conducted  for NIK SOFTWARE entitled, “Keeping it Simple .You can view it here: ( if you purchase any or all of the NIK Software package… enter code JGRAHAM and receive a 15% discount!!! HERE is the link to the webinar



Inside an Icelandic Church
Iceland is amazing. It’s interesting that there is so much bright color to be seen. There are many small churches all over the landscape — this is one such church.
This image was made about 10 pm in the summer. This is floating ice in Jokulsarlon Lagoon. This ice will shortly find its way to the nearby ocean, then get washed up on a black sand beach at high tide.
grand teton national park
We had about 10 minutes of clearing light in the Grand Teton National Park to make this image. I like it better in monochrome rather than in color.
This images was 85 second exposure on North Lake, west of Bishop California last October. Its an abstract of color. The white lines on the top are reflections of close by aspen trees.
Sunset in the Palouse region of Eastern Washington.
fisherman of trillium lake, oregon
This image breaks almost all the rules of photography. It’s a lone fisherman on Trillium Lake, Oregon on a very foggy morning.
My good friend Greg Duncan and I ventured up into the badlands of Anza Borrego State Park, in southern California and captured an interesting sunrise. The pink sky coated the badlands with some very interesting light.
dunes in death valley
On the Dunes in Death Valley National Park
sunset pier near san diego
Sunset at a pier near San Diego
harbor in coupeville washington
Sunrise in Coupeville (Washington) Harbor
hoa river, olympic national park
Walking back to the truck, in a secret spot I like to go to in Olympic NP, I saw this tree hanging over the water close by Hoa River. Using a slow shutter speed gave the water an interesting affect.
sunrise at mono lake, california
For me, it takes a lot to get excited over a sunrise at Mono Lake, California. this morning I was excited!
iceland highlands
…. back to Iceland—this is a 5 stitch panorama of a lake in the Highlands of Iceland.
Landmannalaugar, The rhodolite mountains, iceland
…. and finally 2 images from my favorite location in Iceland, Landmannalaugar, The rhodolite mountains, carpets of moss covered lava and landscape is like nowhere else.The highlands of iceland