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FUJIFILM “X”PHOTOGRAPHERS Travel and Nature Summit/ Portland Oregon September 6-10, 2017



September 6-10  /  PORTLAND, OREGON

Thanks to Dan Bailey for providing much of this text. All images © Jack Graham

… and no, you don’t need to be a FUJIFILM “X” Shooter to join us!

_JGP0283-Earlier this year the 1st FUJIFILM “X” Photographers Travel and Nature Summit was held in Townsend Tennessee (in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park). It was a great success. We brought together folks from all over along with some of FUJIFILM’S top management and technical field representatives. It was a great learning experience for everyone how not only gained important information from the instructors as well as the Fujifilm attendees, but from each other. This concept went far beyond what Bill Fortney and I had last year when we came up with this idea. Our thanks to Dan Bailey and Karen Hutton (both Fujifilm “X” Photographers as well) for being part of the program! Click HERE for a short Video done by Karen!


Below is essentially what the summit coming this fall to Portland Oregon is about!

  • Sponsored by FUJIFILM and specifically designed for X Series shooters and people who are interested in the X Series, these workshops will teach you how to maximize your creativity and technical abilities with the Fuji system.
  • Featuring Bill Fortney, Jack Graham, Dan Bailey and Dan Westergren, ( all dedicated workshop leaders) and learn a wide range of photography methods and techniques from each of us and get firsthand instruction about how we use the specific features of the Fuji cameras in our own image making. Click HERE for Bio’s on each of us.
  • Through a combination of field sessions, presentations, image reviews and talks about a wide range of photography topics, you’ll learn not just how to expand your photography abilities, but how to make use of the specific tools and features found on the Fuji cameras.
  • PDX_MASTERThere will be plenty of opportunity for personal, one-on-one time with all of the instructors and informal time to chat and get to know not only the instructors, but the other attendees, as well. You are guaranteed to come away with many new friends! Also, there will be FUJIFILM technical reps and other personnel on hand to provide loaner equipment, enhance your learning experience and answer any questions (or give your own feedback) about the X Series gear. There will even be some free giveaways!
  • Late summer/ early fall in the Pacific Northwest is beautiful… sometimes too beautiful! We will get out to a few locations to learn to use what you have learned at the summit.
  • LAORJAGDN3_20100505_3750YOU DON’T NEED TO BE A FUJIFILM SHOOTER! If you’re an X Series shooter… GREAT!… or if you’re JUST curious about the Fuji system, and you want the chance to learn from working pro Fuji shooters​, then I highly recommend the “X” Photographers Travel and Nature Summit in Portland Oregon this September.


  • Photography instruction specifically geared towards FUJIFILM X Series shooters. 
  • Exclusive and intensive, multi-day learning opportunity in a beautiful setting.
  • Field sessions, group presentations and personal image reviews.
  • Lots of time for informal, on-on-one interaction with the instructors.
    • Professional instruction in small group settings from 4 professional outdoor and travel shooters, all official FUJIFILM X Photographers 
  • FUJIFILM X Series cameras and lenses for you to try out



CS_PDX_STJohnBr2_111121_HF8Each day will begin with a morning field session in any number of beautiful landscape settings, followed by a late morning presentation. After lunch, there will be 2-3 afternoon seminars that will feature any number of topics, and a feature evening presentation by one of the four instructors. In the evening, there will be lots of downtime for informal one-on-one time with the instructors and other attendees.

Each of the X-Photographers will give at least two focused presentations during the summit, and you’ll also see demonstrations by the FUJIFILM staff that will range from technical aspects and creative use of the X Series gear.

During the summit, you’ll learn a wide range of techniques and creative methods from a small group of long-time working pro photographers. They’ll provide insight about their own creative and compositional methods, as well as specific instruction on how they use the features and tools found in the X Series cameras. You’ll learn how to see and compose powerful imagery, and how to use the dedicated settings and creative tools in the Fuji system to expand your own creative photography boundaries.


​Possible Topics

  • Tips towards making better images regardless of subject matter or location
  • Composition: Seeing creativity and effectively arranging your subject matter
  • What makes for a truly compelling image
  • How to be proficient with the different X Series cameras and lenses
  • Camera Settings: Making sure you know what each menu setting does and that your camera is set where you want it to be.
  • How to make the most of the gear you already have
  • Specific instruction on the dedicated modes and creative settings on the X Series gear
  • How to pull together light, subject and background into single dramatic frameDuring the field sessions, you’ll work in smaller groups of 15 people and one of the X Photographer instructors. All attendees will have at least one field sessions with each of the instructors.

LAOREPDX_PM1YES WE DO IMAGE REVIEWS: One of the best ways to learn is to have your own images reviewed by a professional. We’ll have a dedicated block set aside for image reviews and you’ll have the chance to submit two of your photographs for review and comment by each of the instructors. (Images should be on a USB thumb drive, 1600 pixels on the long side.)

During the review, the X Photographers will provide personal feedback about your image and give you expert tips on how to improve or expand the creative or technical aspects of your imagery and shooting style.


The cost for this 3 ½ day event is $699.00

Lodging is not included in the price of the summit, Information on Lodging and Registration can be found HERE

We will be basing our event out of the Portland Airport Courtyard by Marriott

  • All classroom sessions
  • Feature presentations
  • Image reviews
  • FUJIFILM X Series loaner gear and demos
  • Guided field sessions
  • Opportunities for one-on-one time with each of the instructors and FUJIFILM tech reps
  • Dedicated X Series instruction and support
  • The promise of amazing learning opportunities
  • Travel/transportation to the summit locations
  • Personal camera gear
  • Lodging
  • Meals and alcoholic beverages, tips gifts etc.
  • Any guarantees of perfectly clear weather

Please consider joining us. For more information contact Jack Graham

Bill and Jack2




The Return of MACRO and MORE !

Usually when sequels to movies come out they are rarely good ones. There are some exceptions like the Godfather 2 and others.

moats-mugWell hold on to your hats! Macro and More is BACK!!! (Though for now only one day–read on)

First, let me say that I don’t like the word Macro for a few reasons. Macro photography normally means 1:1 shooting with a macro lens. I rather the term “CLOSE UP” Photography be used. I make a lot of decent images with other lenses, rather than just macro lenses …. just my $0.02. Continue reading The Return of MACRO and MORE !

Day One/ Winter Tetons 2016… some interesting weather coming!

_jgx1036-edit-edit-2-editA very strange  day in Jackson and the Tetons…. weather coming in… It sure was a cloud show today… We have some snow coming but things are not certain in any respect…. maybe 2-3″ in town.. more in the park or a lot more. The forecasts have literally been all over the place.day. I’ve been coming here for many years and the weather , though somewhat unpredictable… is really a tough call this year. We certainly have some weather coming in… how bad ( or good!) we don’t know yet….. anyway we are here and ready for what ever we end up with.. for me the worse the better! We would have a foot… or 3-4 inches— Thank God for 4 wheel drive and good tires…..Nobody knows whats coming—its kind of cool not knowing!!

_jgx1037-editAfter some inside “office work” this am I got  out today. The clouds put on a show… indicating lots of weather changes coming..






_jgx1060-edit-editWe ran into this moose late in the day today…now… I AM NOT A WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER ..  But using the FUJIFILM gear to its limits makes me look like I am………  for those of you who think you can’t crank up your ISO’s ( if you have the right gear—- i.e FUJIFILM CAMERAS!!) this moose image was taken with the FUJIFILM X-T2.. ISO 12,800 at F8.using the 2 x converter……Now you tell me is this acceptable?—it sure is in my book!  The FUJIFILM XT2 , the 100-400is is AMAZING and the 2x converter provides lossless quality!!!!!!….it really makes the cut!… Someday I am going to compile and  a slide show af all  my FUJIFILM images made at or above 6400ISO—-more coming tomorrow I Hope   come on back!–JG

It’s Not the Camera….. it’s YOU !!

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             It’s Not the Camera…… It’s YOU !

©Jack Graham

_DSF7037-Edit-EditIn a current issue of a major American Nature Photography Magazine there is an article talking about taking rich and sharp images. Their quote in a large block next to the text of the article says:

“As a digital photographer you can learn a lot from Ansel Adams. Choose the right gear and emulate the attention to detail that Adams devoted to his craft to get your best possible landscape photos”

“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed”…Ansel Adams

_DSF6984-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit-2First we all can learn a lot from Ansel Adams, no matter if we are a “digital” photographer. How would Ansel handle the digital age? Ansel’s darkroom is our Photoshop. More so, Ansel’s attention to detail had nothing to do with equipment! It had to do with how he used his equipment but more so how he looked at scenes, way before pressing the shutter.

In my photography workshops I stress slowing down, simplifying and learning to see. Communicating a scene and story in a photograph comes from within, not from your camera. You camera has no emotion. It does not see. It does not feel. It is piece of machinery and technology that without your proper involvement will certainly not take the “best possible Landscape Photos”.

“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed”…Ansel Adams

How about I take the liberty to rewrite this paragraph from the magazine.
As a photographer, and developing artist you can learn a lot from Ansel Adams. Learn to see, think and create using your heart, feelings and senses to emulate the attention to detail that Adams devoted his craft, to get your best landscape photos. Don’t get caught up in that 50MP sensor. Get caught up in your vision and communication. Having the “right gear” only gives you the chance to make a good image.

Rhody's on the Oregon Coast
Rhody’s on the Oregon Coast

“Lack of attention to detail fails to explain why a 1999 camera in the hands of a meticulous PH.D who studies the instruction manual won’t produce as many images as a 1939 camera in the hands of a person with a refined photographic eye.” —Galen Rowell


The material and images contained in this writing above may not be reproduced in any form .All Photographs as well as text appearing here is the property of Jack Graham and Jack Graham Photography LLC, unless otherwise noted.
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A BUSY FEBRUARY..Whidbey Island, Death Valley…. now on to March!

2015 WORKSHOP SCHEDULE            2015-Schedule-Discounts-Registration
ULTIMATE ICELAND                             ULTIMATE NORWAY


After Iceland and Norway in January 2015, it was off to Whidbey Island here in Washington for a 2 day event, followed by my first of two workshops in Death Valley, California.

_JGP2595-Edit-Edit-2-Edit-EditWe had a good and eager group in Whidbey Island for two full days of presentations and some field work. I really love teaching at the Pacific Northwest Art School. Not only are the folks there great, but the classroom setup is first class. The night before my workshop I was asked to do a presentation on our ULTIMATE ICELAND trips over the years to Iceland and now over to Norway.

A local writer did a great article for the Whidbey / Camino Islands webpage on my workshop. (I was so busy I didn’t get them my images, but the ones they writer shot were really good… he was on our workshop as well!). You can read it by clicking :http://www.whidbeycamanoislands.com/thingstodo/arts/art_class_pacific_nw_art_schoo/


Pre Dawn in Coupeville, Whidbey Island
Pre Dawn in Coupeville, Whidbey Island

I would like to thank the PNWAS for their support and friendship. I will be running more events there in the summer and fall this year. Please consider joining me there for some very special priced workshops. Click HERE for information.

_JGP2587-Edit-Edit_JGP2643-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit-EditDeath Valley…what can I say? We were fortunate to have great light and  weather along with an exceptional group of workshop attendees. It’s great when the whole group “gets it”. What I mean by that is they all bought in to my theory of slowing down, enjoying the moment, simplifying your images and learning to see. I’m stressing these theories more and more each workshop.

_JGP2666-EditMaking the image is the hard part. The best equipment isn’t going to allow you to become an artist, it just gives you the chance to make successful images. Successful photographers have to deliver images from the heart, and tell their story.

10915239_805705402835598_6833343020276407047_nSpeaking of equipment. I continue to be blown away with my Fuji XT-1 and the sharp glass. The new 55-140mm F2.8 LM OIS 2.8 (80-210 in 35mm) is incredibly sharp. Having said that I just sold my 18-55mm and ordered the XF16-55mmF2.8R LM WR, a lens that will pair great with XF50-140mmF2.8R LM OIS WR.
We still have an opening in Iceland this summer if you can make it.


_JGP2709-Edit-2 I had a cancellation on my SW workshop (Slot Canyons, Horseshoe Bend and Monument valley—more.) in April. Our Hunt’s Mesa / Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelley event has an opening as well, also in April.
I’ll be leaving in 2 weeks for the southwest again for my workshops with Bill Fortney in Nelson, NV followed by our workshop in Canyonlands and Arches NP.



Jack Graham Photography / TOP 10 IMAGES FROM 2014

Complete 2015 Workshop Schedule, Discounts and Registration Forms


Bill Fortney’s FUJI XT-1 Users Guide-

I recommend this highly!

TOP 10 IMAGES of 2014
©Jack Graham/ Jack Graham Photography

Seems these days everybody has their top 10 of everything from the previous year.
As I sit here in my office getting ready for 2015 on this rainy January 2nd (2015) …I’ve pulled out 10 images from 2014. I hope you enjoy them. I have lots of unprocessed images, but these stood out to me as memorable. Sometimes an image means more to me because of where I was, the conditions etc….. Not just the photography involved. I hope you enjoy them. All images were made using my FUJI XT-1 camera with Fuji glass, Really Right Stuff Tripod and Ball Head… unless noted…. I’ve written a short commentary on each.
Since these are already compressed JPEGS, I am going to show these full size in this WordPress blog for the best resolution I can get. These are not in any order of preference, just 10 images from 2014.
Interestingly enough, 5 of the 10 were shot in Iceland. Three were long exposures using my Singh-Ray 10 and 15 stop MOR SLO filters (the best you can buy!)
I wish you all a Happy and healthy 2015! —Jack

IMAGE 1—This image was made at Trillium Lake, Oregon last spring. We never got the classic sunrise there but the light was really magical for about 20 minutes.
Fuji 18-55mm, 12 seconds at F11 -2/3comp, ISO 200



IMAGE 2—I spoke at a camera club near St George, Utah in November and visited Zion NP for a few hours of shooting before the sun encroached the canyon. It was fall in Zion… what a great time to be there ( I’ll be doing a workshop there next fall-INFO HERE)—that’s not why this image is here, I just loved the color against the canyon wall while utilizing a long exposure for the effect.               Fuji 10-24mm, 45 seconds at F16/ ISO 2500, Polarizer



IMAGE 3 —-  We had great light but sunset looked impossible on this lake close to the Vatnajokull in South Eastern Iceland. We all noticed the patterns in the pack ice. We waited out the sunset and sure enough we got one. My workshop attendees often here me say “If you don’t go, you don’t know!”
Fuji XE-2 camera, Fuji 55-200 mm, 1/30 seconds at F16 -2/3comp, ISO 200




IMAGE 4— Springtime in Canyon de Chelley (Arizona) can be so beautiful. The air feels warm and the breezes delightful. What makes it great for me is the greens that the cottonwood trees display against the red rock sandstone walls deep inside the canyon. This tree caught my eye immediately and my group all got the shot. We’ll be back again in April and fingers crossed, we’ll have the color we had in 2014.
Fuji 18-55 mm, 1/90sec at F8, ISO 1600



IMAGE 5 — Cadillac Mountain at sunrise (Acadia National Park, Maine) is amazing. I decided to try and feature the lichen covered rocks as a path to the fall color of the area. Without an image you could not describe this color and area. I can’t wait to get back there with Bill Fortney in 2016 for a fall workshop.
Fuji 10-24mm, 1/125 sec at F20 -1comp, ISO 800



IMAGE 6 — After our summer 10 day workshop in Southern Iceland, my friend and partner, Greg Duncan and I took a 3 day excursion to the West Fjords with the help of master photographer ( and winter workshop assistant) Orvar Thorgeirsson . Not many folks live up here as the conditions can be brutal. We drove along a one lane dirt bumpy, primitive road and came upon an empty farm house overlooking the fjord. The vastness of Iceland is amazing, thus the use of Fuji’s sharp as a tack 14mm lens.
Fuji 14mm, 1/30 sec at F16, ISO 200



IMAGE 7 — Perhaps my personal favorite image of 2014 is this one. I am not know as a wildlife photographer but love to photograph animals when I get the chance. I got so caught up in getting this image, I didn’t realize until I put the camera down that these horses were only about 10 feet away from me. Fortunately they split away and didn’t run into me. I used an extremely high ISO to freeze their manes and action in this image. I love these horses. They are one of the most cooperative and favorite subjects of my workshop attendees to photograph in Iceland.
Image hand held / Fuji 18-55mmm, 1/2900 sec at F4.5 ISO 2000



IMAGE 8 — Continuing with the wildlife theme, these puffins were photographed in the West Fjords on a high cliff overlooking the North Atlantic. They are accustomed to humans and are thus unafraid of us. The image was made while lying on my stomach literally about 5 feet from them. It was fun staring them down! This bird had some herring in its mouth on the way to feed their young.
Fuji 55-200mm (at about 70mm), 400 seconds at F5.6, ISO 3200



IMAGE 9 — This image was made in Iceland last summer on the famous Jokulsarlon, a glacial lake with flowing ice that broke free of the glacier. This area is photographed quite frequently so I thought about getting a shot a bit different from what we normally see. I used the Singh-Ray 10 stop MOR SLO ND Filter to obtain a shutter speed of 56 seconds
Fuji 18-55mmm, 56 seconds at F22, ISO 200



IMAGE 10 — Finally, this image was made in an old barn I take my attendees to in the Palouse region of Eastern Washington every June (I do this workshop with Bill Fortney as well). I was attracted by the light beams coming through the back of the barn. Just a small amount of compensation made them stand out. Again, the Fuji 14mm lens proved its worth. Anything other than monochrome would have done this image a disservice.
Fuji 14mm, 1/20 seconds at F11 -1/3comp, ISO 200


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Insights in Photography, Jack Graham PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS 2015

LAWA_PALOUSE42_130612_1696Click on the following links(below)  for all you need to know regarding our 2015 photography workshops. These events are filling fast.

Since this is a busy time of year, I am going to extend my pre-registration discount ( -10%) through January 15th !





Insights-Issue4-Dec2014-COVER-125pxThe latest edition of my digital magazine :


is now available. It is in the form of a PDF and is printable ! Enjoy

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