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IU–Bobby Knight–Chair

On Feb 23, 1985 ( 32 years ago today) I was watching the Indiana-Purdue Game.. just five minutes into the game, a scramble for a loose ball resulted in a foul call on Indiana’s Marty Simmons. Immediately after the resumption of play, a foul was called on Indiana’s Daryl Thomas. Knight, irate, insisted the first of the two calls should have been for a jump ball and ultimately received a technical foul.years ago today!–Wow.. 32 years ago!!!

Click HERE to watch it!

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Knight has occasionally joked about throwing the chair by saying that he saw an old lady standing on the opposite sideline and threw her the chair so she could sit down!

I remember this, watching this live. Unfortunately this is what has come to define Coach Knight. It’s not who he is.

Knight’s coaching also included a firm emphasis on academics. All but four of his four-year players completed degrees, a ratio of nearly 98 percent. Nearly 80 percent of his players graduated compared to the national average of 42 percent for Division I schools.Knight has a high regard for education and has made generous donations to the schools he has been a part of, particularly libraries. At Indiana University Knight endowed two chairs, one in history and one in law. He also raised nearly $5 million for the Indiana University library system by championing a library fund to support the library’s activities. The fund was ultimately named in his honor.

i24magesKnight was different—a flawed genius, like US. Knight worked hard his entire career. As a player at Ohio State he played in the shadows of John Havlicek and Jerry Lucas, two immensely talented individuals. Lucas would later remark that Knight’s playing days at O$U shaped his frame of mind for the rest of his life.

One of my favorite Knight comments is (referring to longtime rival Kentucky and its coach John Calipari)…, saying, “We’ve gotten into this situation where integrity is really lacking and that’s why I’m glad I’m not coaching. You see we’ve got a coach at Kentucky, who put two schools [UMass and Memphis] on probation and he’s still coaching. I really don’t understand that.”

Bob Knight is no greater or no worse of a person than any of us.. Yes, He’s a flawed far from a perfect human. Just like all of us.  As a coach,  no other  has outperformed him. That is I and everyone should remember “The General”.

We don’t require our scientists, entertainers, teachers, anyone to be great people.. They are judges on their performance. Based on his accomplishments and nothing else he is at the top of his profession as well as a great human.

I too have thrown a few chairs! How about you?


It amazes me how some folks don’t want to spend a dollar a month to read the Luminous Landscape website. The archives alone are invaluable…. Is anyone else sick and tired of 7 tips to this, 10 tips to this 3 tips to this when it comes to photo articles in print and online? I have 1 tip. Write better titles!…… A few weeks ago a women in the grocery store put her “fresh organic” vegetables right on the convener belt. I asked the cashier when the last time they washed it was. He said “Probably never”. So much for buying organic. The she put them in her “green” bad. I asked if she ever washed it and how old it was. Answer= No and 2 years—Glad I’m not eating at her house……Looks like mirrorless is holding their own so far in 2016 while the big boys are having real problems.. This is a story for a whole dissertation. Here

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Generated by IJG JPEG Library

are the numbers for Jan – April 2016:

  • Compact camera shipments down 34%  units   30.8% in $$
  • Mirrorless camera shipments up 2.3%  in units   28.9% in dollars
  • DSLR camera shipments down 10.1%   in units   16.6% in dollars
  • Lens shipments down 10.5%  in units   12.8% in value

I would not want to be a camera dealer these days especially how some of the manufactures make them buy stock……..

Things I watched during the last t weeks in the field (in other words think about these things when you’re out there) ..TOO MANY CENTER COLUMNS UP—you not have a mono pod folks. Why pay big $$ for a tripod and head then use the center column when the wind is blowing. ON the same topic,  I HATE CAMERA STRAPS—I’m just not a strap guy, will ok I own one by Black Rabbit that is only on about .001% of the time. Straps hit the tripod and camera in the wind! What’s that about? Folks still using cheap polarizers etc. on good quality lenses bother me. Folks with top of the line cameras with crap lenses bother me. I rather see an average camera with great glass, How about the folks with Nikon D810’s and Canon 5D MK 93’s using average tripods and less than average ball heads ( I surmise the lack of vertical images are due to crappy ball heads). You all know who you are. Well they have to have that D 810 you know with all those MP’s. That way they can crop their images to look good, get lots of Facebook likes and hold their heads up pretending to be photographers. Why not get it right in the camera folks? Why not enjoy being a photographer and finally an artist instead of a picture taker and camera owner. There’s a lot of deception going on in photography these days.

OK enough for today—send me some food for thought—I have plenty but only want to get a limited folks going at once—love ya all—Jack



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