Preparation, Photography, Processing

prepare, shoot, processSeries one of my E-Book Series encompasses three important steps in making quality photographs. All three essays are delivered in PDF format VIA DOWNLOAD upon purchase.

  1. PREPARATION COMES FIRST….. Preparation is essential. It seems like few photographers actually prepare properly for a day in the field. I explain the why’s, how’s and reasons that preparation is important.
  2. PROPORTIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY: I discuss some everyday compositional issues, as well as subtle issues that can make a good image a great one. I discuss how to deal with issues that both complicate images and render them mediocre at best. I bring these issues to light in both Landscape and Macro venues. Easy to understand concepts are discussed and depicted in this image filled essay.
  3. QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE TO PROCESSING YOUR NATURE PHOTOGRAPHS:  This is just that, a reference guide to how I process my images. I use Adobe Lightroom and CS4 as well as software by NIK. Leaving the minutia to folks like Scott Kelby and others, this publication discusses topics such as:
  • Why Lightroom® and CS4® are both important and how to integrate both easily.
  • Examples of processing, controversial processing, photo-art, processing tools
  • How to properly evaluate an image
  • Typical workflow incorporating Lightroom®, Photoshop® and NIK Software®
  • Processing challenges such as avoiding over processing, bad cropping, over sharpening … And more!
$ 9.99     |     50 pages

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