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Where have I been????? FEATUERD ARTICLE: Which one Works #7… The Ferry House, Whidbey Island,Wa.


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LATE NEWS:As of a few minutes ago I confirmed ULTIMATE CUBA 2013 PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP. Announcement coming next week. Feb 6-13 2013—-details coming soon!


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Mystery Valley, Arizona


It’s been quite a long time since my last posting. I have been busy away with my 2012 workshop schedule. I’ve spent about 6 weeks in the southwest, and 4 corners region (Navajo and red rock country) then up on Whidbey Island doing a great workshop for the Pacific Northwest Art School (more on that later) then over to Olympic National Park for a week.

I am currently in southern California where I’ll be at the Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival starting this Friday through Sunday afternoon. I return to Oregon on Tuesday morning and begin my Columbia Gorge workshop Wednesday night and another in the Palouse Region in Eastern Washington the following week. I am so fortunate to be able to get to these places at the best times of the year.

After the workshop I usually take a look at the few images I make (I am there for my customers, not for my own shooting opportunities!). I have had very few acceptable images, this year since workshops have been quite full and my time is spent with my attendees. However this image I made waking back t my truck on the Olympic Peninsula is one I am quite pleased with. I had a metal print made of this which I will get to see tomorrow. This is the Sol Duc River between Forks and Port Angeles in a secret spot I know about.

Sol Duc River, Olympic Peninsula, Wa.

Tech Data  012:05:18 16:34:00  Nikon D700 80-200mm F 2.8 @ 100mm

Sunset, Marin Headlands, near San Francisco, Ca

Below is a list of my workshops for the remainder of 2012. Of particular note is the workshop in Northern California in September 2012 ) that I will be conducting with the Pacific Northwest Art School. September is a great time to be in this area. The summer crowds are gone and the air is a bit cooler and refreshing. In addition, the cost of this workshop is very attractive considering the itinerary and diverse subject matter. We will spend a full day in the beautiful win county of the Napa Valley. We will travel a bit Northwest through the Point Reyes area, then down to the Marin headlands for some great ocean views and a sunrise shoot of the Golden gate. After a morning in San Francisco, we’ll venture out to the coast, south of San Francisco for more ocean, and intimate landscape locations. Time is set to conduct presentations, image discussions and more. Please consider joining us. You can register with the PNWS here: or by calling 866-678-3395.

My 2013 workshop schedule is coming into shape. You can view it here. Another trek to Iceland is planned for July with an additional 9 day excursion to beautiful ( and quite warm & pleasant  and under photographed) Greenland.  I’ll be back in NE Ohio in October for fall color and once again a full day(including a private Amish dinner) with my Amish friends on their farm in Sugarcreek Ohio. I’ll be teaming up with my good friend, world class photographer and teacher Bill Fortney( for a workshop you will not want to miss! I’ll also be announcing a workshop in late October 2013 in the red rock country (including Zion National Park) very soon. Details on these and more can be found here:

I received requests to link the webinar I conducted  for NIK SOFTWARE , back in March, entitled, “Keeping it Simple .You can view it here: ( if you purchase any or all of the NIK Software package… enter code JGRAHAM and receive a 15% discount!!!

Sunrise, Hunt’s Mesa, Monument Valley AZ

2012 Workshop Info:

COLUMBIA RIVER GORGE …JUNE 2012 – 1 seat left  1 spot open



OREGON COAST 5 DAYS!—August 2012—2 seats open




 More information found here:


    FEATURED ARTICLE  -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.

 WHICH ONE WORKS?    The Ferry House, Whidbey Island, Washington

In this series of articles, I discuss and compare images and talk about why I like one over the other.

Choosing one image over other similar images is one that we all deal with in our digital darkroom.

I suggest to you, as well as my workshop attendees to work the subject while in the field, make final decisions on your monitors at home.

 ….. WHICH ONE WORKS # 7…..

 LOCATION:  Whidbey Island, Puget Sound, Washington

If you have viewed the movie “Snow Falling on Cedars”, 2009, you might remember this house. It is the historic Ferry House at Ebey’s Landing.  The Ferry House was in the movie for only about 30 seconds so have to look quick. This house is owned by the US Park Service and is one of the historic places. The house even has its own Facebook Page

One of the oldest residential buildings in the state of Washington, the Ferry House was built in 1860 by Winfield Scott Ebey as an Inn to provide financial stability for his brother’s children, who were orphaned when Isaac Ebey was brutally murdered and beheaded by Canadian natives. Once completed and opened for business, the building was named The Ebey Inn. With no other nearby accommodations, the Inn — which housed a post office, a tavern, and rooms for overnight guests — quickly became an important place for sailors and other travelers to rest before continuing their journeys to  other towns on Whidbey Island the nearby mainland and points further north. Travelers and locals could also purchase merchandise and groceries at the Inn, which served ferry traffic to and from Port Townsend The house stayed in the Ebey family for 57 years, until Isaac Ebey’s grandson sold the old Inn in 1917.

The old Inn is currently owned by the National Park Service. The Ferry House became part of the 17,500-acre (71 km2) Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve created in 1978 to protect the rural working landscape and community on Central Whidbey Island.

 THE STORY:  Every time I visit Whidbey Island, be it for a workshop or when I am there photographing, I always visit this beautiful location. These three images were made on separate days in different light. These are three of my favorite images, but only one will stand out enough to me to be my favorite image of the Ferry House. I was initially attracted to the location by the look of the old house against the background of cedars. The challenge was how to work the rather large foreground into the scene. In many cases a rock tree, etc. can serve as an anchor for the image, making for an interesting photograph, In this case, using the building in and of itself would have been acceptable, but I wanted to use the beautiful field of barley and the green to serve as my foreground. This was not as easy a task as I thought it might be. This location is best photographed in the morning. The light can be challenging to say the least. Often extremely windy conditions are present due to the proximity to the sound and the ocean. Returning many times is essential.

To create a successful landscape photograph I believe you should learn as much about a location as possible. Learn the conditions such as weather and light, and how they affect the scene and prepare yourself properly. Being at the right place at the right time is rarely by luck. Be sure your camera setting are what you want to make the most of the photograph. Imagine these images taken at F4! When the lights “happening” it usually lasts for only a few minutes. You’ll need to work quick and know how to access your equipment. Not knowing where things are in your camera bag can cost you a great shot.

TECH DATA: All images made using my Nikon D700, Gitzo 3541 tripod and Really Right Stuff BH55 Ball Head.

IMAGE  1   Nikon 80-200mm  2.8 @ 200mm   1/60sec at f16  Apature priority / Matrix metering

-1/3 compensation . ISO 1250


IMAGE  2   Nikon 28-70mm @ 70mm   1/ 2.5 sec at F16  Manual /Spot metering –1/3 compensation . ISO 200



IMAGE  3   Nikon 28-70mm @ 70mm  1/3sec at F16  Manual /Spot metering –1/3 compensation .

ISO 200




The key to processing is knowing what I want out of the image in the field as I am making the photograph, then applying the processing technique in my studio. I make initial processing

adjustments in cam RAW using Adobe Lightroom. I use NIK SOFTWARE’S “DEFINE” to reduce any noise. I adjust the image further using NIK”S VIVEZA and Color Efex Pro. I used some layer adjustments in Adobe Photoshop to increase contrast. Final sharpening was done using NIK’S Output Sharpener.

All three of these images were processed relatively the same. What makes them different is

1) Composition     2) Light conditions  3) Use of the subject with the foreground

THE EDIT:    There are three very different images and each conveys a different feeling. It is always important to define the subject before making the image. Obviously the subject is the Ferry House. Like all images, weather they be photographs or paintings, how the subject is handled is crucial. The house is depicted in three completely different ways in these images.

IMAGE #1  


This image was taken about 2 months before the others and the green barley field was really nice in green. I think if I was trying to show the house and not the environment,  I would select this image, The adjacent fields and close by water adds something to the image. There are some lines in the field that sort of lead into the subject which I like. The house is sharp and the background fairly clean. Depending on the use, this image works quite nicely. The light was really good this day. It was overcast, quite cool and windy. That is why I set my ISO to 1250. I did not want blurriness in the grasses as the wind was very strong. The house in this image is for my taste is balanced, but too centered. As you can see in the other images there are parts of the environment that I did not want to include in this image. By not including them I came up with this one dimensional image. It’s a nice image but to me somewhat boring.


I went back after the 1st image and arrived at the location early in the morning, during the sweet light, to make this another images of the Ferry House. This time I wanted to use the driveway and pathway, leading to the back of the adjacent property to tell more of the story of where this old house is located. After walking around for quite a while, I selected this spot, while the light remained quite nice. The early morning light really did a nice job on the background. I still to this day cannot decide if I like this driveway or not. Sometimes I think is add something, something I think it draws my eye to the end of the driveway and away from the subject. I also don’t like how the light handled the green barley field. The light though good everywhere else really didn’t work on the grass. Perhaps if I was sold on this composition I could go back into my software and play with the luminosity etc. and adjust the grass a bit, but since I am really not sold on this image, I think I’ll wait until I am, if ever.



Again this image was taken in the early morning. This day featured a cloudless sky and though not bad, the poorest morning light of the three images.  I like the house placement and the green barley field a lot in this composition. This time of year the yellow mustard field in back of the property was in full bloom. I used the blue of the Puget Sound along with the complimentary yellow of the mustard field to work to enhance the image. The light was not quite as good on the house as in image 1 or 2 but not terrible. The biggest drawback for me in this image is the sky. There is no drama here. However we photographers sometime have to work with what we have.


My final decision is to go back and do this photograph again.  What I am after is the composition of IMAGE $3 with some dramatic sky’s or some drama caused by weather. Snow would be great. Fog would be interesting as well.

All three images are nothing I would hang on a wall. Image one might be good to use for editorial purposes.  I can’t come to a firm decision regard the composition of IMAGE2. Until I do I will pass on this composition.  IMAGE 3 is more of what I call a post card image. Yes, the composition is somewhat different from what I’ve seen before, but after a few seconds it is just a nice image, not exciting.

Many that I did not want to include in this image. By not including them I came up with this one dimensional image. It’s a nice image but to me somewhat boring.

Many times, viewers look at some of the better images I have and ask “How did you get that great light “ or “How did you ever get an image looking like that” They wait for a technical answer, thinking I must have a great camera or lenses. My answer always is that I try and go back to a location many times, and you I might be there when everything works.

What do you think?–jg


What’s new… Utah,Jan 2011… CHINA , TIBET & ICELAND 2012 ANNOUNCEMENT

Please visit

 For complete 2011 workshop information. Many workshops are filling up fast. Now that the holidays are over time is starting to fly by!!




  Had a great time , as always in Utah!!!!


Presentation for the Tualatin National Wildlife Refuge Photographic Society, Oregon ( Feb 3, 2012)

Presentation for the NFRCC ( Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Clubs)  50th annual convention, Niagara Falls, NY (Feb 25-27 2011)

Death Valley National Park Photography Workshop Feb 19-22 2012    SOLD OUT

NANPA SUMMIT( Mc Allen Texas  (Mar 9-12)

MARCH—–Off the the southwest for workshops in the four corners area including Monument Valley, Slot Canyons , Hunt’s Mesa, Canyon de Chelly and more…


and   for details!!!!


IN THIS EDITION….. there is lots of interesting information. Please read on to learn about China, Tibet and Iceland in 2012.

 In addition.. Check out the specials at Hunt’s Photo and Video    Pre order Nik Software’s latest creation, Silver Efex Pro-2. Save 15% by using the code JGRAHAM on checkout!

                                                                                                                           Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah    January 2011                                    ©Jack Graham

I spent some time recently in southwestern Utah.  Along with the pleasure of presenting a program for the COLOR CAMERA CLUB, located in St. George, I also spent some time with my good friends, and fellow photographers, Bob Kulon,, Gerry Emery (thanks for the couch and the hospitality!), Debbie Bice and Jo Hickman.  We had a lot of laughs and I was quite pleased to come away with a few images as well. Even though Bryce Canyon NP has been photographed over and over. Bob and I drove over there thinking we might get some decent light and we were right. Add that to the rather large amount of snow, it made Bryce look somewhat different from what I have seen in the past. This image is a pan of 3 images shot vertically, making more of a square presentation and offering a wider /vertical view. It’s often a challenge to photograph iconic images different from others.

                                                                                        Morning glow in Snow Canyon State Park,  Utah at sunrise,    January 2011                                  © Jack Graham



 Every month, I’ll be publishing some of the best places to photograph around the country according to my good friend Bob Hitchman and his Photograph America Newsletter. Here are the hot areas for January.  The numbers on the left of the location are the reference numbers of each of his. Publications. If you don’t already subscribe… please do yourself a favor and do it.

   1: Death Valley
   3: Winter in Wyoming
  11: Kauai—Na Pali Coast
  28: Winter in Yellowstone
  35: Canyonlands National Park
  45: Valley of Fire, Nevada
  49: Bosque/White Sands
  51: Louisiana Wildlife Refuges
 104: Back to Death Valley
 109: San Francisco in the Rain

NEW E BOOK:…….Later this month I’ll be publishing my SERIES 2 E-Book. Articles will include my 10 Commandments for Nature Photographers, A Guide to seeing, and more. Sty Tuned.



CHINA, “Beyond the Wall”   June 20-July 4

TIBET,   (optional)              July 4-   July 11

I’ll be devoting a complete blog edition soon with complete details on these workshops. There is too much information to just breeze through it here.

However, the event IS as they say “put to bed” and ready to go. I’ll be joined by master tour guide and a quite accomplished photographer in her own right, Katherine Feng for a 3 week trip into far NW China along the old Silk Road, and Tibet (optional) Very few, if any,( and I don’t know of any yet) have led a photography workshop into this far away region. Few westerners, let alone photographers have ever seen what we’ll be able to see and experience.

 We have chosen STRABO TOURS to handle the booking. STRABO TOURS is long known for first class international photographic tours and workshops and this will be no exception. All travel within China, (passes, permits etc) will be handled by Strabo. Pricing includes EVERYTHING from Beijing and back. Our itinerary has been carefully planned. Katherine has herself been to this region many times and knows the ins and outs.

 An optional week in Tibet will follow….  Need I say more?

 Please visit for details.

A very brief flyer on the trip. However please visit Strabo’s site for interesting information) 2012 CHINA/TIBET FLYER

 Please email me of you have questions but stay tuned… I’ll have even more details soon.

 This is a truly ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE, that few westerners will ever get to be part of.

 This trip will be limited to only 12 people so please don’t delay.



 Right on the heals of the China trip, my 2012 ICELAND workshop will begin. Tentative dates are July 20-July 31.

 Our itinerary has been set and a few other details will be worked out this week. This will be an all inclusive trip. Transportation, accommodations (10 nights) meals, meeting facilities is included.

 In order to insure the best possible experience, we will have 3 experienced photographers to offer you the highest possible service. In addition to me, my good friend and award winning photographer Tim Vollmer, an Icelandic native with vast knowledge of the island along with another fellow workshop assistant Greg Duncan will guide you through the amazing sites found only here in Iceland. Greg has assisted me on may workshops here in the states.

 We will photograph the amazing geothermal areas as well as the mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, coastlines and icebergs. Accommodations are truly representative of Iceland.

 Complete details and pricing will be published here in about a week……….Every time I think about this event, I wish it were tomorrow!

 Again, contact me for information. or 503-625-1430

2011 Workshops………… Michael Gordon and Guy Tal

Folks,……. First just a bit of  housekeeping. My website has been down for a few days and I hope its back up later today (Changing servers!)…..Please contact me via email with questions etc. .

Below is information on my 2011 workshop schedule, how to register and some great discounts. Again contact me with questions

Finally I would like to bring some attention to 2 great photographers and 2 good guys. I always learn from other photographers. Both Michael Gordon and Guy Tal are at the top of my list for inspiration. I know you will feel the same . Take a minute and see their work and visit their web sites. You will soon see why I feel the way I do about their work. Additionally, they are truly great human beings. It is an honor to call them my friends.



Sunrise on Mono Lake

This months special image is in fact very special to me. Next month I’ll be leading my 15th annual workshop to that those of us who love the area call “the East Side”, that being the Eastern Sierra’s of California. Even after numerous sunrises and sunsets at Mono Lake, I always have the same exhilaration upon arriving in the dark and usually cold conditions, just like the 1st time I visited.

 This image was taken last year on a cold but beautiful morning. Note the fog lifting off the lake in the background.

 To commemorate my 15th year on the “east side”  I am offering  a limited edition print, as shown above, signed, double-matted and mounted using museum quality materials, in a 16″ x 24″ white mat for the price of $150.00, including shipping within the 48 US states. 

 Normal pricing on this size would be $290.00. I will be printing only 50 prints of this image. Each print comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

2011 WORKSHOP SCHEDULE:  After careful planning my 2010 workshop schedule is now available I have posted some updated information for these workshops on my website. You can access this information here:2011 Workshop Schedule.v3.  General information regarding my workshops (FAQ’S) can be found here:  #2 DW_GENERAL WORKSHOP QUESTIONS_FAQ’S INFORMATION

Registration FORMS: ( can be mailed or emailed back–deposit information included in reg form) REG MASTER 2011 

New locations like Redwood National Park, NE Ohio (Cuyahoga NP and the area), Yellowstone, Teton and Yosemite National Parks, as well as 2 special workshops here in Oregon highlight the 2011 schedule. A very special overnight pack trip up to Hunt’s Mesa followed by a day in Mystery Valley ( within Monument Valley) will also be one to remember..

 All workshop locations are those at I specialize in. I want tobe able to deliver the best workshop you’ve ever done and provide you the very best value and experience. If guides are required ( typically in Navajo country), I use t best available.

There are a few tentative workshops that are noted as of today. I am working to firm up these


WORKSHOP DISCOUNTS 2011 ……………………… Here are a few ways to save.

 1)FREQUENT FLYER DISCOUNT: If you are repeat attendee you are entitled to an ongoing 10% discount off future workshops

 2) PRE REGISTER before Jan 1, 2011 and receive an additional 10% discount

 3) ARE YOU A NANPA MEMBER? North American Nature photographers Association . If so, include your NANPA # and accept another 10% discount

 4) BRING ANOTHER PHOTOGRAPHER. You’ll get discounts as applied and your friend ( must be a participating photographer) gets a 1/2 price discount on his or hers first workshop.

 5) REFER a FRIEND . Refer a friend to a workshop ( you need not be there) and I’ll offer you either a $50.00 allowance off a future workshop or send you a check for $25.00 after your friend completed his or her workshops

 6) BUY 4 get one FREE. Yes I have a few customers in the 3,4,5 workshop category… Simple… buy 4 get one free!

Restrictions: These offers DO NOT apply for workshops under $250.00 or for workshops outside the 48 stats of America. Offers DO NOT apply to workshops that are under the auspices of the Great American Photography Workshop or any other workshop company. Only the pre registration discount will apply to the tentative workshop in August with Mike Moats and Bill Fortney.

 Please email me  or call me 503-625-1430 directly for registration. I accept all major credit cards.



I’ve known Michael for a few years now. We used to kid around with each other regarding always running into each other in some pretty remote areas. It really got to be pretty strange that we always seemed to be in the same places as often as we were. We have spent a lot of time discussing photography from the business standpoint to the creative stand point. Last fall Michel and a few other photographers camped for a few nights up on Tioga pass, near Yosemite and the Eastern Sierra. It was a blast sitting around the fire and exchanging stories and information. We’re going to try to do it agin in a few weeks.

Michael photographs with a 4”x5” view camera and film and is a great lover and protector of nature and the wilderness.  Michael’s focus in his work, is that of interpreting  the intimate and overlooked landscapes, in black & white mostly in California.When you visit his website   and see his images, you will notice the use of textures and forms both in the unusual and ephemeral. Through his work he as succeeded in portraying  land and the gifts it’s given back to him.

Below are 3 images with Michael’s comments

Calligraphy  ©Michael Gordon

Despite the plethora of moving rock tracks located on Death Valley NP’s Racetrack Playa, I had never quite seen any this graceful and downright artistic in their form. On this particular day, a couple of friends and I enjoyed the Racetrack to ourselves, reveling in the cosmic nature of the place and the remoteness and grandeur of the setting. On the walk back to the car, I spotted this arrangement, and I always know I’ve stumbled onto a good image when the endorphin-like excitement obscures my ability to think about little else besides making the photograph. Visions of this photograph excited and haunted me until the following day when I set up on it to expose a sheet of film. Although it doesn’t happen often, I conceived the title before I made the exposure.

                                                                                                                    Joshua Trees, Indian Summer Sky©Michael Gordon

 As a southern California native who has seen and lived near Joshua trees his whole life, far too many years passed before I realized just how unique and photogenic they are. A few years ago I began photographing them in earnest, and my efforts resulted in a new series of images (seen on my website): The Joshua Tree

                                                                                                                                                                          Joshua Trees       ©Michael Gordon


Many photographers limit their potential by blindly following “the rules” regarding what constitutes “good light” and good subjects. I made this particular photograph during mid-morning hazy overcast light. It was many hours after sunrise, and in theory, this photograph is essentially subject-less and composed only of light (presumably “bad light” given the time of day I made the photograph). This image does not convey well at web resolutions, but most who view it in print form are stopped cold by it. This photograph challenges the viewer to figure out what they are looking at (Western Grebe’s floating on a calm Salton Sea) and challenges the photographer to see beyond their normal limits of seeing

©Michael Gordon



I first came across Guy’s work on The Naturephotogrphers Network ( probably about 10 years ago now. I was quickly attracted to his style and his creativity. We exchanges a print and to this day, it on the wall here in my office,right in front of me for inspiration. Like Michael, Guy is widely published and has numerous credits to his name in nature photography.

Not only a photographer, Guy is also a writer, and naturalist living and working in the Colorado Plateau, in Torrey, Utah.  Utah is one of the most  scenic and diverse desert regions in he world. This  magical and endangered landscape is not only Guy’s home, but also his sanctuary and main source of inspiration.

To quote Guy’s bio on his website….
” I am often asked about the visual qualities of my work and how they relate to the elusive concept of “reality”. I strongly believe that photography is the most restrictive of the visual arts but at the same time also has the potential to make the most impact with the viewer for one simple reason: photographs have a binding connection with real events, real elements, real light, and real moments in time.”

   Late Night Thunderstorm  ©Guy Tal

Any obvious departure from these realities will cause an image to be dismissed outright regardless of any other aesthetic qualities it may possess. The photographic artist’s tools are primarily well-crafted composition and careful adjustments of the captured image within very narrow margins.”

                                                                                                                      Badlands in Bloom 

Heart of Stone
©Guy Tal                                                                                                                           ©Guy Tal

Recently Guy has opens up a gallery in Torrey Utah. I hope to get over there in 2011. As well guy has published his third E-Book, I finished reading it last night and highly recommend it. YOu can order it via download on Guy’s website   

                    Finally, it’s not a coincidence, that both Michael and Guy are great friends as well…..   JG


July 25, 2010

 I can’t believe how fast this summer is flying by. Before you know it , it will be time for fall color and all that the fall offers to the photographer. Little by little I am filling up my new galleries on my website Stop by for a look. I am also using Photoshelter for other online images. you can get there by clicking here:

Let me know what you think!



We have a few spots open for our Fall in Northern California Workshop (NOV 6-9th)..We’ll be spending a full day in the Napa Valley, as well as time in Point Reyes, San Francisco proper, the Marin Headlands and then down the coastline. More information is found here.  NORTHERN CALIFORNIA-WORKSHOP INFO NOV 2010




Locations in the Columbia River Gorge, the Hood River Valley, and Mt Hood & Adams, all in prime fall color will be included.

We’ll also get into the Willamette Valley for some colorful winery images. This is perfect time for the fall color in this region!



2011 Schedule out soon

My 2100 schedule will be out soon. Projected new locations will include Redwood National Park in early June, an additional workshop in the Navajo country including Monument Valley (including an overnight horse trip to Hunt’s Mesa) and then 2 days in Canyon de Chelley in April and a Fall workshop in the Cuyahoga National Park in NE  Ohio as well as a workshop in the Canyons of Utah in October. Ralph Nordstrom and I will be doing our Death Valley Workshop again in February. I may be adding an additional workshop in the Texas Hill Country in March as well. Stay tuned!   China in 2012!!


Rushing Water Abstract
Rushing Water Abstract


Ansel Adams Negatives found!

Ten years ago, a fellow in California bought 65 glass negatives at a garage sale in Fresno. For $45.00. This week those old negatives were said to have been completed by Ansel Adams and worth over $200 million dollars. Well maybe…………..

One of Ansel’s heirs, Matthew Adams, the artist’s grandson, who runs the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite NP, said he was doubtful. Bill Turnage, the managing trustee of the Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust, said he didn’t believe the photographs were the work of Mr. Adams

“The negatives aren’t worth anything, even the 44,000 at the University of Arizona, because Ansel isn’t around to print from them,” said Mr. Turnage of the Adams trust said. “The only authentic Ansel Adams works of art that are around are the ones that he printed.”

Arnold Peter, a lawyer the negatives’ owner hired to assemble the team of experts, said: “It is such an uninformed response on his part. Of course Ansel is no longer with us, and part of his magic is the way he developed photographs. But it doesn’t make them any less valuable or mean that they are not worth anything. You can still produce great prints”

Matthew Adams said that one area of major discrepancies emerged from misspellings on many of labels, presumably written by Virginia Ansels’ wife, who lived in Yosemite for much of her life. Mr. Adams said he was surprised that, after so many years in the region, she would misspell names such as Bridalveil, one of the most prominent waterfalls in the Yosemite Valley.

Mr. Peter said such mistakes were often made in haste. “It’s normal to have some typographical errors, and we’ve done extensive research to verify the handwriting,” he said.

The $200 million estimate value includes projected sales, prints and other licensing arrangement, based on auction prices and previous sales of Adams works. The most expensive piece of Ansel’s work ever sold was “Clearing Winter Storm, Yosemite National Park,” from 1938, sold at auction last month for $722,500. The second-most-expensive was the well-known “Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico,” which sold back in October 2006 for $609,600.

Check out this link for more details


 PHOTO TIPS…………………………………………….

 5  MAIN Reasons that IMAGES SUCCEED……… or don’t!                        ©Jack Graham all rights reserved

In the many images I view, either online or in person, (and even my own), I see a very wide range in quality. In many cases the difference between a pretty successful image and a fine art photograph isn’t a whole lot.

Moonset, Joshua Tree NP

More often than not, the technique may be quite good but  the non-technical aspects of making a successful photograph are lacking. One without the other is a prescription for failure. In photography where the rule of thirds, the zone system, and etc. must be applied, certain small fundamentals must be equally be present in our thoughts that go into making a fine art image. And sometimes breaking the rules works just fine!


 Sometimes it is impossible, due to circumstances (lack of light, subject, clutter etc) to make a great photograph in a location you have already chosen. However when things do fall into place, take note of the following 4 considerations, and apply them they will make a difference……(Not in any order of importance… the sum of all parts)

1)     There is something we a look at and captures our interest. The subject is defined and isolated in our minds. The often times cluttered foreground; distracting objects in the corners are identified and eliminated in the compositional part of making the image. Perhaps there is a tree or rock though an interesting addition to an image, but it’s in the wrong place. These objects should either be eliminated if possible, or pass on making the image. Sometimes these objects, if the can not be eliminated can be placed in the shadows. If however, these objects are pertinent to the image, as they often are (letting the viewer identify these rocks, trees as part of the location) by all means use them as ling as they are located in the right areas of the image and do not distract from the subject 

 The seals swimming in the ocean may NOT be the subject of this image;    however they serve to add context and definition to the image itself.

     2) Simple rules… look for a foreground, if no foreground, perhaps a pattern, if neither is available…keep the image as simple, free of clutter as possible.                                                                              

                                                                                                                  …………..  A strong foreground anchors this image

Bridleveil Creek, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon


Bleading Heart, Oregon


   Patterns work well in this image(below)

North Lake, California

3) Continuing that thought, when images become SIMPLE, uncomplicated, with little or no distractions, they will succeed. As photographers we need to constantly look around, move around, and get flat on the ground, in water at times if necessary to be in just the right place to attain the perfect image. Moving to just the correct spot to take the photograph is primary. Remember, Simple. And move around, work hard, think and evaluate your position before making the image. Move around, but also try using different focal lengths. Different focal lengths can drastically alter the mood and feeling of your scene. Also, if the subject is either darker or lighter than the surroundings can allow the image succeed.

Latourell Falls, Columbia River Gorge

Good examples of #3—– work the image in many different ways. Both of these images convey totally different feelings to them

4)     Successful images are works of fine art. It is almost impossible to replicate to the viewer, either in a print or in an image viewed on a monitor exactly what we see with our two eyes at a certain location. Our eyes see in multi dimensions. A print on a piece of photo paper is not three-dimensional. Often photographers may arrive at a vista and internally say to themselves “I want to really make this a great image so I can show so-and-so back home what I am seeing here”. This is almost impossible. The viewer will not have the emotional attachment since they were not there. They also don’t hear the sounds and feel the overall feelings we hear and feel when out photographing. Quaking aspens, babbling brooks, wind in the canyon etc. can not be transmitted in a print. Give up trying to make photographs to show others where you were and work on making a work of art. If you don’t you will create more post card shots, rather than fine art prints.

                            Wyoming Horses  near Cody, Wyoming

One can not imagine the grandeur, beauty and magnitude of this location in Wyoming. Therefore my purpose here was to not try, but to make a fine art print.

5 ) What we see in our viewfinders is not exactly what is being recorded. Often objects in the scene appear to be further away that they are. A good technique to properly help frame the image and see more of a closer reality than the viewfinder is to use an object (an old slide without the film). Hold this up to your eye, look a round and work on framing the image.


News…June 2010

Logan Pass, Glacier NP, Montana

     It’s been a cool and wet spring here in Oregon. May was the wettest month in 15 years (and one of the coolest. June is following suit, however I think we are finally breaking out of the doldrums.

Proxy Falls, June 2010

 Our waterfalls are still gushing like early spring and Mt Hood still has plenty of snow on it. Included in this blog are a few images made in the past few weeks wither on my own or while conducting some workshops in the area.



Please visit for details and registration forms:

OREGON COAST                                         July 15 -19   –2 spots left

FALL in the EASTERN SIERRA-                 Oct 14- 17— sold out

FALL in SW Washington and NW Oregon Oct 27- 31— 2 spots left

FALL IN THE BAY AREA/ NAPA VALLEY  NOV 4-  7—   3 spots left


One on One workshops are available … please consider attending—see below


NEW UPDATED WEBSITE: For those who may not have visited recently, I’ve revised my web site a bit, added some new content and upgraded the Links (lots of new ones!) and E-Commerce sites. I’ll be posting new images weekly, so please take a look when you get a minute….

PHOTOSHELTER: Many images that are not found on my website are available via Photoshelter .



As some of you may know, there is an effort to make the Alabama Hills a National Monument. The Alabama Hills Stewardship group (local citizens, local politicians and concerned citizens). Some of these folks do not want National Monument status, which they feel would give to much control over the BLM, but  Some form of resolution will be coming down perhaps as soon as later this year. As photographers who have been to this beautiful area in the Eastern Sierra, we know that this area is very fragile and should be protected. Meeting between all concerned are held monthly in Lone Pine. I urge you to be part of this effort by contacting the following & voice your opinion  Kevin Mazzu

David Kirk, BLM

The Alabama Hills BLM

The Alabama Hills Advisory Council Update

Quite a number of National Monuments and Scenic areas have come about from these grass route efforts.

PRO NATURE PHOTOGRAPHER, is a new website dedicated to the business of outdoor and nature photography was launched last February by Charles Borland, a 30 year veteran in the nature photography business.  Issues facing today’s pro nature, travel and adventure photographers are discussed. I have found this website to be very informative.



As some of you know, I am not an “over do processing” kind of guy. I try and make my images look as close to what I witnessed when making the photograph as possible. Yes I use CS4 & Lightroom, but more and more I am using my NIK software to complete the process. You can read about my processing in my current E-Book for sale .

From Define 2.0, which to me is the state of the art noise reduction program, to Sliver Efex Pro, for Black & White conversions… NIK is simply the best and easiest to use. Not only that, their web site offers tutorials, webiners and more product information than you’ll ever need.

And for an added bonus…. When purchasing any product from NIK you can receive an instant 15% discount by using the code JGRAHAM when checking out.

I recommend looking into “The Complete Collection” that includes all of Nik Software’s latest award-winning plug-in software titles for Photoshop®, Lightroom® and Aperture™ including: Dfine® 2.0, Viveza® 2, Color Efex Pro™ 3.0, Silver Efex Pro™, and Sharpener Pro™ 3.0. All products now feature Nik Software’s patented U Point® technology, giving photographers the most powerful tools for precise and natural photographic enhancements and corrections without the need for complicated selections or layer masks.

The Complete Collection offers two editions, the Complete Collection Ultimate Edition and the Complete Collection for Lightroom and Aperture. The Ultimate Edition includes support for every plug-in to work in Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture, and offers Color Efex Pro 3.0 to work in Capture NX 2 as well. The Complete Collection for Lightroom and Aperture includes support for each plug-in to only work in Lightroom and Aperture



Getting personal instruction tailored to your specific needs, is a great way to become a better photographer. I am now offering one on one photography workshops in the field with a follow up session in my home studio. This is a chance to receive my personal undivided attention and have 100% undivided mentoring.

In the field, our time will be focused on everything from composition, technique, handling difficult lighting challenges, proper use of your equipment, how to make evocative images, to seeing an image and more. By letting me know your needs and expectations, I will customize a program that will meet and probably exceed your needs and expectations.

In our home studio session, we will review your images, either from the days shoot or ones you bring along with you. We will also discuss post processing and printing in depth. You will have full access to a state of the art computer system, including dual monitors with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop as well as the complete NIK Software system is available. We discuss the processing and printing topics in depth as well as pricng one or two of your images. Other applications, such as web use or other marketing strategies will also be covered.  

Here in the Portland Oregon area there is a wealth of amazing photographic locations. You can seem many images of these areas on my website. I am close to the Oregon Coast, Columbia River Gorge, and wine country of the Willamette Valley, the Cascade Mountains and Mt. Hood.

My One on One day rate is $500.00.

However during this special offer, you can sign up for a full day of field work as well as an evening in the studio for $400.00 per full day. As these days are limited, I recommend that you make your reservations as soon as possible so we can work with your schedule as well.

This one on one workshop includes transportation from my home (I drive —you don’t!). You also have the opportunity to schedule 2 or more days at a special rate of $350.00 per day.

By attending one of my One on One workshops, you will also be entitled to a 10% discount on future Jack Graham Photography Workshops (group workshops) as well as discounts on NIK Software, Lensaby, Think Tank, Hunt’s Photo & Video and Photograph America Newsletter.

If you have questions that are not answered here, simply email me at or call me at 503-625-1430. You can sign up using any credit card. Simply call or email us with your information.

After your appointment scheduling is complete, I will email you with all the information needed for out time together

 (One on one workshops are available out of the area as well. In addition to the day cost, other travel, lodging costs are additional)

 IMAGE REVIEW AND MENTORING………I am availabel by the hour for image reviews and mentoring sessions either in person or by the phone. Simply upload you images to a hosting service like Photoghelter, Zenpholio, Smugmug etc and away we go. My charge is $40.00 per hour and can be paid via MC or Visa. Of course this service is always complimentary, at any time to my current workshop alumni

2010 WORKSHOP INFO and some newly processed images and other notes…

Greetings everyone….                                                                                                                                                      

I’m getting caught up on a lot of projects prior to my workshop season getting going.

Here are some workshop updates:

DEATH VALLEY–FEB 19-23 with Ralph Nordstrom  2 spots left  Death Valley Workshop Announcement                                                                    

JOSHUA TREE — MARCH 12-14 ( could be great this yer with all the rain SO Cal has been getting!) JOSHUA TREE NP WORKSHOP OVERVIEW

SOUTHWEST WORKSHOP (Page AZ, Slots, Lake Powell Area and Monument Valley& more) APRIL 15- 18– SW PHOTOWORKSHOP_2010



JUNE 3-6 2010



EASTERN SIERRA FALL COLOR WORKSHOP ( new itinerary from previous years) EASTERN SIERRA 2010WORKSHOP OVERVIEW   October 14-17 2010

FALL COLOR in the NAPA VALLY and the SF BAY AREA( including the coast!) with Ralph Nordstrom NOV 4-7  NORTHERN CALIFORNIA-WORKSHOP INFO NOV 2010

WYOMING WINTER PHOTOGRAPHY SAFARI–(Yellowstone, Teton NP’s and Big Horn Sheep in Cody!!) DECEMBER 7-14 2010      2010 WYO GEN INFO



( remember–repeat attendees gat a 10% discount on all futuer Jack Graham Photography Workshops

ALL ATTENDEES get discounts on Lensbaby, NIK Software and Think Tank products as well as feww merchandise from Photograph America Newsletter)

NANPA Members also receive an additional 10% discount ( almost a one years membership!–see below)



Mike Moats ( ) , Bill Fortney ( )  and I will be conducting a 4 day workshop in the Smoke’s  (Townsend Tn.)from July 29 through August 1st. Details will be available shortly. PLease send me an email nd I’ll put you on the list to send this info out as soon as I get it together. ( in about 1 week) This workshop will be focusing on PHOTOGRAPHIC DESIGN for FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY both in Landscape photography as well as Macro Photography. We will be conducting 2 field sessions per day with enough time to critique images and give direction in all aspects of designing fine are photographs. This will be a very special workshop. 


Again this year, I’ll be conducting a workshop in the COLUMBIA RIVER GORGE from May 19-23rd gor the GAPW (Great American Photography Workshop) folks. Information and registration can be found at or by calling  Rhonda at 866-747-4279


I’ll be doing an entry here soon about the new upgraded program from the NIK Software folks ; VIVEZA2 which was recently released.

Remember you can get a 15% discount on all NIK software by entering the code JGRAHAM in the coupon window upon checkout.

Also, they are going to be holding their 1st annual NIK Summit in May–details can be found here  I’ll be there for sure!!


Anyone going to the NANPA ( North American Nature Photography Association) Summit in Reno NV. in Feb? I’ll be there on Wed & Thurs Feb 17-18. Let me know.. and say hello!


SOME RECENTLY PROCESSED IMAGES ( trying to get caught up)

YEllowstone NP 36 2009 ©Jack Graham
The Icon TETON NP ©Jack Graham
Red Tailed Hawk ©Jack Graham
Mono Lake B&W 2009 ©Jack GrahamIconic Teton NP ©Jack Graham

2010 WORKSHOP SCHEDULE / ONE on ONE Individual Field Instruction / THINK TANK CAMERA BAGS and MORE!

Below is my 2010 Schedule.

 This will include new locations such as the Smokies Mountains, (late April and again in Late July), where Mike Moats and I will be doing a MACRO & MORE workshop with the folks from the Great American Photography Workshop

 Also I’ll be doing workshops both in the fall and winter in Teton and Yellowstone NP’s


One workshop what I am really looking forward to is in July when Mike Moats and I will be teaming up with Bill Fortney ( ) for a 4 day workshop , again in the Smokies called “ Landscape and Macro Photographic Design “ . This will be an intensive classroom as well as field workshop where all aspects of photographic design will be covered. You will be working with three professional instructors, who will cover, in depth, different aspects of design and technique needed to consistently create first rate images, As there are three of us, and you will receive the one-on-one attention we believe will make your time well spent. All of the information and first hand knowledge from Bill, Mike and me, will result in your ability to improve your skills and creative processes in order to grow as photographers.

I’ll once again be partnering up with Ralph Nordstrom  to do our 2nd annual Death Valley _DSC0788workshop in February and then a very special workshop in the Napa Valley, and the San Francisco Bay area, (including time on the coast) in early November 2010.

Those registering for workshops prior to January 1 2010 will receive a 10% discount. I addition I offer an additional 10% discount for those who have already participated on any of my workshops over the years. Lastly, if you are a current member of NANPA ( ), you will receive an additional 10%…. so you can receive up to a 30% discount if you meet these criteria’s!


JAN 21-25          OREGON COAST   5 DAYS         $795.00

 FEB19-23       DEATH VALLEY         4 DAYS $795.00      with Ralph Nordstrom

 MAR 12-14    JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK          3 DAYS       $550.00


APRIL 29-MAY1      MACRO and MORE —-IN THE SMOKIES WITH JACK GRAHAM & MIKE MOATS GAPW EVENT (REGISTER WITH GAPW )     4 DAYS      $795.00 (Note that the discounts below DO NOT APPLY to GAPW workshops)

 MAY 19-23-      COLUMBIA RIVER GORGE —GAPW EVENT     4 DAYS       $795.00 GAPW EVENT (REGISTER WITH GAPW ) (Note that the discounts below DO NOT APPLY to GAPW workshops)

JUNE 3-6           COLUMBIA RIVER GORGE and MT HOOD REGION, OREGON          4 DAYS              $795.00


JUNE 17-20           SPRING in the PALOUSE         4 DAYS       $795.00

JULY 7-11             OLYMPIC PENINSULA           4 DAYS         $795.00

JULY 15-19          OREGON COAST                       5 DAYS            $795.00


AUG 6-8                         MT. RANIER NATIONAL PARK WILDFLOWERS AND LANDSCAPES       2 DAYS            $395.00

AUG 19-23                     OREGON COAST            5 DAYS                $795.00

 AUGUST 27TH           ONE DAY EVENT THE DAHALIAS OF SWAN ISLAND, OREGON         1 DAYS          $120.00

SEPT 24-29            AUTIMN IN THE TETON’S AND YELLOWSTONE         6 DAYS            $895.00



                                      4 DAYS 695.00



DEC 7-8            WINTER IN YELLOWSTONE                    2 DAYS $695.00

DEC 10-11       BIG HORN SHEEP, CODY WYOMING  2 DAYS $695.00

DEC 13-14         WINTER IN THE TETONS                       2 DAYS $695.00



These single day, one on one “PHOTO CLASSROOM in the FIELD”™ photography workshops will offer the beginner or advanced photographer a personalized photographic experience that will offer tutorial information regarding all aspects of photography. All aspects of photography will be covered within this one on one experience. The full day workshop experience will be customized to the individual based on skill level and needs.

 All instruction and discussions are done in the field, not in a classroom in some of the most scenic locations in the world. The day starts with a sunrise shoot and ends with a sunset opportunity. This IS a full day of emersion into photography.

 Advanced photographers can expect as much or as little instruction as desired. I can guarantee that you will get to the best locations here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, at the best times to capture some great images.

The itinerary will be customized to your needs and desires while accounting for the time of year, lighting and weather conditions

Transportation is provided. I drive, you don’t. The time in-between locations also serves to continue the discussion from a prior location and provide hints and tips about what’s ahead, or any specific questions you may have.

 The One on One, single day “PHOTO CLASSROOM in the FIELD”™ PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS charge is $300.00. This includes transportation from your location (or a pre selected meeting point) and back.

ONE on ONE , individual field Workshops are available here in Oregon. We shoot sunrise to sunset. Cost is 300.00 per day. This includes transportation in the field.

ONE on ONE  individual workshops are also available out of the area as well. Cost is $300.00per day + travel expenses. Customer arranges transportation

 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I’ll be working closely with the folks at THINK TANK in 2010. THINK TANK is definitely on the cutting edge when it comes to backpacks, roller packs and other accessories for today’s’ digital photographer. The Think Tank Airport SecurityTM V2.0 or the slightly smaller Airport InternationalTM V2.0 rolling bags make it easy when travelling in airports as well as serving as carry-ons. If you need a larger backpack (you can also carry these on airplanes easily), check out their lineup of backpacks. THINK TANK has recently updated their already fantastic website. To view and understand which THINK TANK product is for you, or purchase Think Tank products, click here: and then enter this special code: AP-371. When you order merchandise totaling $50 or more you will receive a free Think Tank bag. You view the choices here:


And finally please consider Hunt’s Photo for you next purchase. These are really good folks to work with. Their pricing is as good as it gets. Their service is the best and most importantly, if you call them, ask for Gary Farber, (and tell Gary I recommend you). Gary actually answers his phone, and returns calls, something not common in today’s photo retailer world. Often he has special purchases available that are quite amazing. Call Gary at 800-924-8682 x2332. Later this month, I’ll be posting images shot in 2009 using the Lensbaby products. ( I am having lots of fun creating images that I never though possible using their accessories. They open up a whole new world of photography and allow the photographer to really stretch his or her imagination.