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TOP 10 IMAGES of 2014
©Jack Graham/ Jack Graham Photography

Seems these days everybody has their top 10 of everything from the previous year.
As I sit here in my office getting ready for 2015 on this rainy January 2nd (2015) …I’ve pulled out 10 images from 2014. I hope you enjoy them. I have lots of unprocessed images, but these stood out to me as memorable. Sometimes an image means more to me because of where I was, the conditions etc….. Not just the photography involved. I hope you enjoy them. All images were made using my FUJI XT-1 camera with Fuji glass, Really Right Stuff Tripod and Ball Head… unless noted…. I’ve written a short commentary on each.
Since these are already compressed JPEGS, I am going to show these full size in this WordPress blog for the best resolution I can get. These are not in any order of preference, just 10 images from 2014.
Interestingly enough, 5 of the 10 were shot in Iceland. Three were long exposures using my Singh-Ray 10 and 15 stop MOR SLO filters (the best you can buy!)
I wish you all a Happy and healthy 2015! —Jack

IMAGE 1—This image was made at Trillium Lake, Oregon last spring. We never got the classic sunrise there but the light was really magical for about 20 minutes.
Fuji 18-55mm, 12 seconds at F11 -2/3comp, ISO 200



IMAGE 2—I spoke at a camera club near St George, Utah in November and visited Zion NP for a few hours of shooting before the sun encroached the canyon. It was fall in Zion… what a great time to be there ( I’ll be doing a workshop there next fall-INFO HERE)—that’s not why this image is here, I just loved the color against the canyon wall while utilizing a long exposure for the effect.               Fuji 10-24mm, 45 seconds at F16/ ISO 2500, Polarizer



IMAGE 3 —-  We had great light but sunset looked impossible on this lake close to the Vatnajokull in South Eastern Iceland. We all noticed the patterns in the pack ice. We waited out the sunset and sure enough we got one. My workshop attendees often here me say “If you don’t go, you don’t know!”
Fuji XE-2 camera, Fuji 55-200 mm, 1/30 seconds at F16 -2/3comp, ISO 200




IMAGE 4— Springtime in Canyon de Chelley (Arizona) can be so beautiful. The air feels warm and the breezes delightful. What makes it great for me is the greens that the cottonwood trees display against the red rock sandstone walls deep inside the canyon. This tree caught my eye immediately and my group all got the shot. We’ll be back again in April and fingers crossed, we’ll have the color we had in 2014.
Fuji 18-55 mm, 1/90sec at F8, ISO 1600



IMAGE 5 — Cadillac Mountain at sunrise (Acadia National Park, Maine) is amazing. I decided to try and feature the lichen covered rocks as a path to the fall color of the area. Without an image you could not describe this color and area. I can’t wait to get back there with Bill Fortney in 2016 for a fall workshop.
Fuji 10-24mm, 1/125 sec at F20 -1comp, ISO 800



IMAGE 6 — After our summer 10 day workshop in Southern Iceland, my friend and partner, Greg Duncan and I took a 3 day excursion to the West Fjords with the help of master photographer ( and winter workshop assistant) Orvar Thorgeirsson . Not many folks live up here as the conditions can be brutal. We drove along a one lane dirt bumpy, primitive road and came upon an empty farm house overlooking the fjord. The vastness of Iceland is amazing, thus the use of Fuji’s sharp as a tack 14mm lens.
Fuji 14mm, 1/30 sec at F16, ISO 200



IMAGE 7 — Perhaps my personal favorite image of 2014 is this one. I am not know as a wildlife photographer but love to photograph animals when I get the chance. I got so caught up in getting this image, I didn’t realize until I put the camera down that these horses were only about 10 feet away from me. Fortunately they split away and didn’t run into me. I used an extremely high ISO to freeze their manes and action in this image. I love these horses. They are one of the most cooperative and favorite subjects of my workshop attendees to photograph in Iceland.
Image hand held / Fuji 18-55mmm, 1/2900 sec at F4.5 ISO 2000



IMAGE 8 — Continuing with the wildlife theme, these puffins were photographed in the West Fjords on a high cliff overlooking the North Atlantic. They are accustomed to humans and are thus unafraid of us. The image was made while lying on my stomach literally about 5 feet from them. It was fun staring them down! This bird had some herring in its mouth on the way to feed their young.
Fuji 55-200mm (at about 70mm), 400 seconds at F5.6, ISO 3200



IMAGE 9 — This image was made in Iceland last summer on the famous Jokulsarlon, a glacial lake with flowing ice that broke free of the glacier. This area is photographed quite frequently so I thought about getting a shot a bit different from what we normally see. I used the Singh-Ray 10 stop MOR SLO ND Filter to obtain a shutter speed of 56 seconds
Fuji 18-55mmm, 56 seconds at F22, ISO 200



IMAGE 10 — Finally, this image was made in an old barn I take my attendees to in the Palouse region of Eastern Washington every June (I do this workshop with Bill Fortney as well). I was attracted by the light beams coming through the back of the barn. Just a small amount of compensation made them stand out. Again, the Fuji 14mm lens proved its worth. Anything other than monochrome would have done this image a disservice.
Fuji 14mm, 1/20 seconds at F11 -1/3comp, ISO 200


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