FIve things I like about my Fuji XT-1

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Icelandic Horses FUJI XT-1 , FUJI 18-55mm 2.8
Icelandic Horses FUJI XT-1 , FUJI 18-55mm 2.8

It’s been 7 + months since I’ve been shooting ( exclusively) the Fuji XT-1. I am often asked why and what I really like about it.  Below are 5 things I really love about this camera. Yes, there are some things I’d really like Fuji to improve but overall it’s just a great camera that produces incredible images and is fun to shoot. My back also loves this system! Here are the 5 main things I love about the Fuji XT-1 —(All images we made with this camera)

1) I simply love the style and feel of the body itself. It brings me back to the SLRs of the past while letting me make the kind of images that we demand today. It is a bit of the “Old School” look and feel with the current technology. The FUJI XT-1 is lighter and smaller (and easier on my back!), compared to today’s heavy and bulky DSLRs. The controls of the Fuji X-T1 do not feel at all cramped. The XT-1 is just plain fun to shoot with while being well built  with a weather sealed magnesium cast body. This is one really good feeling and looking camera.

Fuji XT 1/ Fuji 10-24mm F4
Fuji XT 1/ Fuji 10-24mm F4

2) The electronic viewfinder (EVF) on the Fuji XT-1 is absolutely amazing. Its brightness and clarity sometimes makes it hard to remember I am looking at an electronically generated image. One nitpick is that there is a very (and I mean very) slight pause in the display when the exposure is adjusted. It’s a God send to be able to see my histogram before I shoot. (This should be a feature in every DSLR—listening Nikon & Canon?). It’s great to see my compensation change when I dial it up or down. This is only a feature in the higher end cameras by the competition. But  this isn’t rocket science. All DSLRs should function like this!

Fuji XT-1/Fuji 14,, 2.8
Fuji XT-1/Fuji 14,, 2.8

3) The Fuji X-T1 performs exceptionally well at high ISOs. I would challenge any full frame DSLR to compare images at a very high ISOs. I feel very comfortable shooting up to ISO 1600 knowing my files will be noiseless. Color and black levels hold together right up to ISO 6400. Slight noise increases do occur when shooting at 6400, but they are very manageable.

Fuji XT-1/ Fuji  55-200MM/ ISO 3200,  F 5.6 at  1/4000 sec
Fuji XT-1/ Fuji 55-200MM/ ISO 3200,
F 5.6 at 1/4000 sec

4) A great camera deserves great glass and Fuji has really delivered. The18-55mm (dare I call it a kit lens) is a fast (2.8) lens, extremely well built and produces incredibly sharp and well defined images. Compare it to any other “kit” lens available! I have found other Fuji lenses to be extremely fast and sharp as well. ( I own the 14mm 2.8, 10-24 F4, 55-200mm and 60m macro. I can’t wait for the new 50-140 F 2.8 weather sealed, with a collar mount 2.8 coming next month!) All Fuji lenses have metal mounts. Most of Nikon’s new lenses are plastic. Most of Fuji’s lenses are smaller and lighter than the competitions as well. One cool thing is that Fuji produces a road map of its lenses so we know what’s coming more than a year ahead at times.

Fuji XT-1, Fuji 18-55mm
Fuji XT-1, Fuji 18-55mm

5) Fuji listens to its customers more than any other manufacturer. Fuji has also done a great job of upgrading camera firmware while not forgetting about their earlier models. While other manufacturers make their customers buy newer models, Fuji has done it primarily by firmware. Additional functionality and features on the XT -1 were direct responses by Fuji to their customer’s suggestions. What a novel idea.

Fuji XT-1, Fuji 55-200mm
Fuji XT-1, Fuji 55-200mm

A few things I’d like to see Fuji change:

1) Make the back buttons a bit easier to manage

2) Improve battery life

3) Lock down the diopter adjustment

MORE IMAGES FROM THIS YEAR—all made with the XT-1 and great Fuji glass

Old Truck, Sprague WA.

Ice Cave, Iceland

Palouse WA._Barn

Southern Oregon Coast Sunset

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