4 Accessories for Every Photographer



Greetings everyone…… Below are just a few of some great products I use when out in the field. I get nothing from these endorsements. I just would like to share some things that make life a bit easier. If you have any for me send me an email at jack@jackgrahamphoto.com. As well let  me know if you use these and how you like them.

I always kid my good friend, assistant and partner in ULTIMATE ICELAND,  Greg Duncan that he is the VP of finding new locations, toys and gadgets…and he is very good at that. However once in a while either I find a few that I really believe in or some of my good friends let me know of some others. These products are ones I use in my photographic arsenal.



Brite Strike Flashlight –I recently discovered this amazing flashlight (Model BTL-150-MH) and used it for the 1st time last week up on Mt Rainier. This company is known for their tactical illumination products and supply the military and police forces with products. Advanced Digital Power Management computer chips assure full power for up to three hours, which in itself is amazing. The flashlight is only 5” long and deliver 280 lumens. It’s Tactical Touch® Momentary/Hi switch offers the ability to control the rate of micro bursts of light as well. Visit their web site for more products and information

Buy it HERE on AMAZON!

You will also be amazed at the build of this flashlight. It is made of very high grade aerospace aluminum. Brite Strike also makes another product that I am very interested in. They are All Purpose Adhesive light Strips ( APALS-AIR®). They adhere to your hat, arm, shirt or really anywhere and can be seen up to one mile and operate in 4 modes. These 1″ x 2.3″ strips last over 200 hours! Think of  the uses for these when photographing in the dark, let alone the safety value.


Check out everything else these folks make… the make some very unique products. Click HERE for their home page



Uinta                       Modules

Gura Gear Uinta Camera Bag – In my closet sits about 30 camera bags of all sizes and manufacturers. Yes, I’m a bag nut and a charter member in the “Bag of the Month Club.” I think I am done looking for the be all and end all in camera bags … I may have found it! I’ve been using the UINTA camera bag from Gura Gear with great success for about 4 months. It has a lot of miles on it and has been exposed to lots of rain, sand, mud etc. I can tell you that this bag, like all the other products from GURA GEAR, is as good as it gets. It’s a modest sized bag with the best overall construction I’ve seen. The zippers are as good as it gets. The CORDURA® and custom weatherproof ripstop X-Pac® is the best rain proofing material I’ve seen…and living here in the Pacific Northwest and traveling to Iceland a few times a year, I know how important rain proofing is!

I use both the small and medium modules. In the medium module I carry my Fuji XT-1 and 4 lenses. There is also room for lens hoods, cable release and more of what I need in the field. Everything is extremely accessible. In the small module, I carry some filters and have been known to fit a jacket or long sleeve shirt in there as well. There are dual openings for each module. You can buy an accessory that holds your water bladder and tripod as well. I would suggest doing this on long hikes or in areas where you need to stay hydrated.Tripod & Hydration System (for Uinta)

Gura Gear cut no corners when producing this bag. It is what I think the best value for the money out there these days. You can buy it HERE from my friends at Outdoor Photo Gear.



Reflection Lake, Mt Rainier National Park


Klearscreen.com For a few years now I have been using this marvelous product. Be careful using products to clean your optics, iPhone screens, and computer and tablet screens. Not all products are made equally and many can cause damage.  iKlear’s unique, non-toxic and environmentally friendly formula is manufactured in their California facility. Unlike other cleaners, iKlear is anti-static and is alcohol, ammonia, and sodium lauryl sulfate free. Anything with alcohol or ammonia will damage optics and screens!

You can purchase these products in (different size) bottles, or in travel singles. These are a must! You can buy this product at AMAZON by clicking HERE



Micro Fiber Cloths by 3M –    3M(TM) Perfect-It(TM) Detailing Cloths 06016,41mFs+BhoML

A good friend from California and I have for years been searching for the BEST micro fiber cloth around. These cloths by 3M are actually made for automobile detailing and are extremely soft. In my opinion the ones you buy for quite a lot of money in camera stores are worthless. All they do is move water around. They are not very absorbent. The clothes supplied by iKlear (mentioned above) are really quite good, actually very good.  You can throw these 3M cloths in the washer (no soap!) and use them over and over. You can buy these in a 6 pack for about $30 at Amazon! CLICK HERE

NOTE: When cleaning your lens, gently remove any material (sand, dirt etc.) from your lens before using ANY cloths—lens can scratch easily!