Insights in Photography ~ Winter 2013

The new issue of my quarterly magazine, Insights in Photography, is now available. In this Winter edition, I discuss the photographic challenges encountered in wide open spaces, such as in Death Valley and the Palouse region of eastern Washington. There are also articles on preparing for nature photography in cold weather, and a review of the Puffin Pad Pro. Enjoy!

insights in photography - winter 2013


2 thoughts on “Insights in Photography ~ Winter 2013”

  1. Jack,

    Will you please stop sending me this stuff. The urge to join you in some of the workshops is KILLING me!

    Just kidding about stop sending me your newsletters, etc. Not kidding about the urge to join you. Great job! Bruce K. Haley, Jr. President – North American Nature Photography Association 607 Gordon Drive Charleston, WV 25314 304.741.2365


  2. Beautifully compliled and well-written. I would like to save a pdf to my desktop for further study but am not able to do so using save as pdf. ??? Thank-you for your tips and treasured images. Just gorgeous.

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