My friend, Bill Fortney

Jack Graham & Bill FortneyPlease click HERE to read Bill’s recent post on his blog. Bill Fortney and I have been great friends for many years. Bill has not only been an inspiration, but a driving force in my passion for photography. We have always talked about doing a few workshops together after Bill’s retirement from Nikon Professional Services. This workshop in NE Ohio is the first of 3 we have on the schedule.

Working with Bill is like a baseball player learning how to hit from Babe Ruth. What a feeling to be with my friend, let alone a legend in this business. It’s hard to describe the feelings, honor and pride that come from having Bill with me on my workshops.

I knew he was up to something, and Bill posted this article on his blog last Saturday night. For those of you who know me well know there are few times I am speechless … this is one. Thank you, Bill, for being here and for being my friend.You ARE the best!—JG

From our Fall Color Workshop in NE Ohio:

Fall colors in NE Ohio
Fall colors in NE Ohio

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