Join me on the “The Light of Ireland” photo workshop from April 30-May 10, 2014



Jack Graham Photography, in conjunction with Strabo Photo Tour Collection, presents “The Light of Ireland” photo workshop from April 30-May 10, 2014.

Strabo Photo Tour Collection

Spend 10 days on a photographic and cultural adventure visiting the unspoiled villages, rugged ancient abbeys, broad peat lowlands, and the dramatic coastline of Western Ireland.

Our trip focuses on the quiet side of Ireland – County Mayo – with wonderful hidden places to explore. There are spectacular monastic and megalithic ruins, Irish towns with tree-lined canals and colorful shops, the rolling hills and stonewalls of the countryside, and cliffs falling off to the sea.  A relaxed and flexible itinerary makes the most of the many photographic possibilities this part of Ireland has to offer.

grazing cattle in irelandThe majority of our tour will be based out of one location, Hillcrest House, renovated for the sole purpose of accommodating photography groups. Its homelike quality adds to the relaxed atmosphere of the trip.  Enjoy traditional Irish breakfasts and dinners during your stay. Lunch will be at various restaurants and pubs, or possibly a picnic during an excursion in the field.

Transportation is provided in a roomy tour van, large enough for both the group and equipment.

Irish church by Ron RosenstockThroughout your tour, I will provide explanations on photographic technique, composition, learning to see and developing your vision, as well as group discussions and critiques which allow everyone to participate and work at his or her own speed.

Together with Strabo Photo Tour and local Irish guide Olcan Masterson you’ll encounter the spirit and soul of Ireland, as few visitors will ever experience it. We will visit places you could never locate on your own — tiny villages, hidden beaches, castles, and ancient abbeys.  These natural landscapes, along with the people, render this Isle a place of inspirational beauty.

For more information or to register contact the Strabo Photo Tour Collection: 607-756-8676 or visit


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