Whidbey Island Photography Workshop—JUNE 2013

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LAWAWI_CPUPE2_120505_6820Whidbey Island, Washington…..Photography Workshop   ….  June 20-23 2013… $485.00

Jack Graham Photography in conjunction with the Pacific Northwest Art School

Join me on beautiful Whidbey Island this June for an unforgettable photographic experience. Whidbey Island is the largest of nine islands located in Puget Sound, just north of Seattle, between the Olympic Peninsula and the mainland. The 60 mile long island is home to some of the most scenic beaches, harbors, villages and parks anywhere.

During our three day workshop we will spend lots of time in the field, photographing the landscape, flora and quaint villages but in our classroom at the Pacific Northwest Art School reviewing our work and viewing presentations designed to help develop your photographic skills.


We will stress creating your vision and simplicity. Important components of photography such as the proper use of light, depth of field, creating perfect exposures, creating strong compositions and more will be discussed both in the field and in our classroom. We will also conduct in-depth discussions regarding techniques used in post processing and printing. We will cover every aspect you need to be aware of in order to improve your overall photography. You will also come away with some wonderful images in this most excellent venue. This workshop is for all skill levels.

You will receive a complete 60+ page workshop syllabus containing everything we discuss both in the field and classroom.

Thank you for considering our workshops!–Jack Graham

Please contact the Pacific Northwest Art School online or call 360-678-3396 to register.

Sea Stones, Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park, Wa.


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