Inside an Icelandic Church/ Processed using NIK’S new HDR Efex Pro2
©Jack Graham

NOTE: These are my opinions. I have not spoken personally to anyone at NIK yet…. this is just my speculation.

I suppose this is pretty BIG NEWS …….   My guess is that they are after the mobile applications (Snapseed). I suspect they will leave the existing product line in tact and continue development of other products.

Perhaps Google might sell off the existing plug ins to Adobe etc?

What could happen is pricing might go up. I have no indication of this and is only my opinion.

If you have been thinking about buying these great plug ins, you might want to buy them before anything changes in the event it does.

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If I hear anything else, I’ll let you know.



Landmanna-Laugar, Iceland…processed using all of NIK’S Plug ins
©Jack Graham