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Landmannlauger, Iceland

 Noteworthy – Yes I am back from an amazing workshop in Iceland. I’ve been pretty busy since returning and am just now getting to process some images. I’ll be posting a complete update on the trip here on my blog in a few days. We already have spots filled for next years Iceland & Greenland workshop so if you are interested doesn’t delay… Iceland is a photographer’s paradise.

We had a great group. Two Attendees came all the way from India along with us here in the states.

I am posting some images that my attendees sent over to me.  These will be updates as I receive them so check back often. They did some great work. Check them out here:


CUBA Feb 2013—dates and pricing is up on my web site…. Details should be up by next week.  We will be going to Cuba on a special visa which will allow us to fly by charter direct from Miami.   Stay Tuned!!!!


Icelandic Church, using NIK’S HDR PRO 2



As some of you may know, I am not a huge HDR person ( I really don’t even like the term—as John Shaw pointed out, it should be called Extended Range Resolution !)…. If not processed correctly, HDR images really look un-natural. Some are over saturated for my taste and others have literally no shadows at all, when in real life the location did. (Aren’t shadows part of good photography?)


Maybe I should talk about software more here, but I really want to tell you all, and commend NIK for the new version of their HDR Program. Sometimes upgrades don’t offer as much as we think, but the new HDR PRO2 is simply amazing.


I re-processed a few images that I had already processed in the original version before I went to Iceland and was pleased. While in Iceland I made some HDR images, mostly inside some of the many beautiful little churched that seem to be everywhere. This is one such image. It was done using 4 files ( 0, +1, +2, -1 ).  I did some but very little other processing other than the HDR PRO2 program.


Folks… if you are at all into HDR Photography or thinking about it consider getting this program NOW! It is so simple to use and produces some amazing results. Thank you NIK!

You can save 15% by using this code when ordering —JGRAHAM


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