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{ortland Japanese garden

The weather here in Oregon has been bizarre to say the least, especially for what is supposed to be an La Nina Winter. We have had no rain for over a week, and lots of fog, some freezing fog as well.  I love to photograph in fog. It gives a certain peacefulness to not only the image, but adds to the enjoyment of being out in the abyss.  Since the air is heavy with moisture, sound does not carry well and things tend to be very quite, more than normal.

I’ve been watching the weather. Monday’s night’s forecast looked perfect for a drive over to the Portland Japanese Garden on Tuesday. When I arrived I was really in awe. The fog looked different. It was brighter and a little thicker than normal,. The fog seemed to touch the ground, right to the base of my feet.  As a member of the garden,  I was able to get in early before regular hours.  There wasn’t another soul there. I made a few images, and as I always do, walked around in awe of the fog, and the over-all light. It  was very different, almost ghostly. I was there for about 2 hours and made 4 images. The image above, is the one I am most happy with.

Though winter is here in Oregon, there still are a few trees with some color in them. I looked for a way to show them through the fog in an artistic way.  Things worked out here quite well. The light was more than perfect, I waked around and found an angle that was new to me ( its getting harder and harder to find new ways of photographing the  gardens!). I used the light, color, background, the balance of the 3 trees as well as the repeating pattern ( curve)  of the top of the bridge and the big green bush in the foreground.  All is all it was a great morning.

Tech  information:  NIKON D700 Lens: Nikon 17-25mm F 2.8  at 25mm   Polarizer Auto White Balance, ISO 200
                                        Aperture & Shutter Info:  F 20 at 4 sec, Exposure mode: Av;  Metering mode: Multi-segment

                                      Processing, Lighroom 3.0, Photoshop CS4, Nik  Software:  Define 2 , Viveza 2 and Clor Efex Pro4. However, this was one of the images that required very ( and I mean very little)

As photographers we dream about light like this and times like this. Most of the time things don’t work out as well as the did on Tuesday. Mornings like this make up for all those days standing in rain and wind. As a photographer it dose help liking close to areas where you can quickly take advantage of opportunities. But think about it don’t we all?  You can view more images from the Portland Japanese Garden on my Photoshelter site http://jackgraham.photoshelter.com/gallery/PORTLAND-JAPANESE-GARDEN/G0000pmvjy.UV.7U/   ………………..

                                                        or consider coming out for a workshop http://www.jackgrahamphoto.com/node/316/edit


NIK SOFTWARE:—save $ 200.00  +               A VERY SPECIAL PROMOTION

Nik's Creative Efex Collection--SAVE! SAVE ! SAVE!

Nik Software is not only one of my workshop sponsors, but my good friends and some really great  folks. ( … and some outstanding photographers in their own right!)

Nik is making this offer available to a few of their close working partners, of which I am proud to be one. I encourage you to take advantage of  it.. you can save quite a bit of money ( $200.00+ !). Even if you already own these programs( and if you don’t you should!), this would make a great holiday gift for someone—spread the word!

Recently Nik Software produced a special limited production bundle of 3 of their most popular products, Color Efex Pro 4, Silver Efex Pro 2, and HDR Efex Pro. I’m pleased to announce that we’re making the “Creative Efex Collection” available again in limited quantities. ONLY 400 box units are available nationwide.  This promotion WILL NOT  be directly available to the general public from the Nik Software website… only through a few of NIK SOFTWARE’S working professional partners.!




Key Facts:
What is the Creative Efex Collection?
A time saving solution for professional portrait retouching, color correction, creative enhancements, high-dynamic range imaging, fine art black and white conversion, and much more. Includes Color Efex Pro 4, Silver Efex Pro 2, and HDR Efex Pro. The Creative Efex Collection enables photographers to maximize their creativity with some of the most versatile tools available.

What is the cost/availability?

  • $299.95   PLUS…. you will al receive another 15% discount when you use my code  JGRAHAM when purchasing–see link below)
  • A total savings of $200 if you were to buy each product separately
  • This product is only sold in box form; electronic download is NOT available
  • Only 400 box units are available nationwide; we will email you prior to running out of inventory
  • U.S. and Canada ONLY

 TO ACCESS THIS PROMOTION  Simply click on this url : http://www.niksoftware.com/store/usa/entry.php?view=singlepurchase/cec.shtml  . You MUST enter this code  JGRAHAM to purchase

Again, even if you already use these programs, tell your friends, forward this post, etc and save , save save. Mort importantly  you’ll now be using the accepted  imaging of most professional I know. If it’s good enough for Art Wolfe it’s good enough for Jack Graham



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