Website Gallery Upgrade / 10% workshop discount before 1/1/2012/….. PRINTS!!!

2012 Workshop Schedule  & Reg form is now available  here: REGISTRATION FORM 2012v9

One on One workshops as well. Info can be found here: GENERAL INFORMATION_1on1_ images       & registration form   ONEonONE_REG MASTER2012

2012 discounts are found here: 2011 WORKSHOP DISCOUNTSv5   as well as Workshop FAQ’S  GENERAL WORKSHOP QUESTIONS_FAQ’S INFORMATION_v2012f

  ( Deposits & reg forms received prior to 1/1/2012 will receive a 10% discount ( domestic only, Pacific NW Art School excluded as well)



I  have added a few new locations for 2012 including, ULTIMATE ICELAND  ICELAND_JULY 2012_DEP_REG_ PICSv1(July ), Sonoran Desert landscapes and wildflowers (March), workshops in the Tetons  during both in Fall & Winter. Most of my all time favorite locations such as the Arizona slot canyons, Hunt’s Mesa, Canyon De Chelley, California’s Eastern Sierra ( again with Guy Tal !!) and the Napa Valley and locations here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest are all back in 2012.

Perhaps the epic workshop for 2012 is HIDDEN CHINA & TIBET  in June & July. This is one of the the 1st group photo expeditions ever made into this remote part of the world. 

In May, I’ll be doing a workshop  on Whidbey Is  then another in September in the Napa Valley, and Northern California Coastline (including a few locations in San Francisco)  .  Please contact them for information and registration.

Don’t forget–a Jack Graham Photography Workshop Gift Certificate makes a great holiday gift! (fill it out with the workshop choice and the amount, mail it back and you’re done!  gc1-hol2011

Please contact my for more information and questions



WEBSITE & PRINTS ( Special pricing in now through 1/1/2012)

I have updated ALL of my image Galleries on my website Please stop by for a visit!  I am offering signed prints …sized to fit into an 18″ x 24″ frame

(  approx 12″ X18″ ) at a special price of $65.00 each through 1/1/2012. This price includes shipping. Please email me to order!!!!!



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