Back from the Road……………….2012 Workshop Schedule, other information

Folks… I am finally back from a month of workshops. All were really gratifying and I am almost ( but not quite) ready to go again.

Just a little housekeeping—–REGISTRATION FORM 2012v9 —workshop Schedule & Reg form is now ready.

 I’ll be posing an article here tomorrow or on Thursday and more info on 2012 workshops will be forthcoming.

Here are my 2011 WORKSHOP Discounts as well as some GENERAL WORKSHOP QUESTIONS_FAQ’S INFORMATION_v2012f.


   I am really proud to be part of the 2012  faculty on the Pacific Northwest Art School, on Whidbey Is., Washington. I’ll be doing 2 workshops with them next year.

In May, I’ll be doing a workshop  on Whidbey Is  then another in September in the Napa Valley, and Northern California Coastline (including a few locations in San Francisco)

Please contact them for information and registration.




  I am also happy to (belated due to my travel schedule!) announce that I am on the writing staff of Landscape Photography Magazine, a large and growing on line magazine located in Europe.

           You can access the article here:

This magazine is well worth the subscription.



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