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Portland Japanese Garden © Jack Graham Photography

CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT  ( contest ends midnight March 30… prize(s) delivered  no later than May 1)

One of the ways I grow in photography is studying other photographers work. The folks whose work I like to view and learn from ranges from some of my local photographer friends here in the Pacific Northwest to the world famous photographers that we all know and enjoy.

 One such photographer is Peter Lik, a world famous Australian Photographer, now residing in the United States.

 The Weather Channel is launching a new reality TV show, “From the Edge” with Peter Lik, focusing on scenic outdoor photography.

 The show will follow Peter, as he travels to places where weather continues to have a unique impact on the landscape. Every week, Peter will attempt to capture the essence of Mother Nature through his lens with his unique perspective, style, and skill.

 Throughout the thirteen episodes, Peter will photograph stunning landscapes across Hawaii, Alaska, Death Valley, Utah and other hidden gems off the map. We¹ll see all his photographs and techniques along the way as he overcomes weather-related obstacles to find “the perfect shot.”

 Now for some fun………………….

 I have been given a copy of  Peters latest book, “The spirit of America”     to give away to a lucky winner of my contest.

 The contest is open to ANYONE who is reading this note via  Facebook,  Twitter, my blog, or on an email blast… anywhere!  Please pass this opportunity along to your friends as well! This new book is one of the best coffee table photography books I’ve ever seen

 All you need to do is send me an email to …AND PICK a NUMBER BETWEEN 1 AND 100.  In the event of a tie, the email I receive 1st will be the winner. If no one picks the number, the closest to it will win. In case of a tie, you’ll receive a FREE year’s subscription (or a year’s renewal) to the Robert Hitchman’s PHOTOGRAPH AMERICA’S NEWSLETTER. If you don’t know about this valuable tool for your photography, please check the out. . The information on where, when , and how to get to great photographic locations is invaluable!

So just click here   and send me your lucky number & above all DON’T MISS THIS SHOW,  no matter weather you are a pro photographer, a serious amateur  new to photography,or a travel enthusiast.

By the way——I have already picked the number using

 Good luck!…………….Jack



  1. Hello Peter…I am a huge fan of yours, I am in awe at your talent….I want to be just like you! I have been to your gallery in Las Vegas in Ceasars Palace and signed your guest book on 9/23/2011! I didn’t want to leave, I just kept going around and around the room to stare and admire your materpieces! You are soooooo talented, won’t you teach me how to be a photographer just like you…pretty please!

    Smiles & Hugs your greatest fan ~ Sylvia

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