www.18percentgraymatter.com & JUNK Photography

Bob Kulon

My good friend Bob Kulon www.bobkulonphoto.com and I are embarking on a new project… a Podcast…  yes… I am entering the 21st century.(Bob got there a bit before me!)….

Anyhow,  in keeping with the Photography Theme Bob came up with a great name (www.18percentgraymatter.com ) and away we go.

In a few weeks we’ll be up on iTunes but for now check out the site, and subscribe, or so the RSS thing. We have 2 editions online and more to come. Podcasts 1 & 2 concern Subjects You Can photograph , and Seeing  a Photograph. Show notes with images are also posted on the site as well..  www.18percentgraymatter.com          Book Mark it!

We’ll be doing lots of  stimulating and informative poscasts along with timely interviews ( coming soon: Bob Hitchman of the Photograph America Newsletter ( www.photographamerica.com )

Check us out… comments and suggestions always welcome.–JG


I am preparing an article and perhaps an E Book on JUNK YARD Photography. Yes I love the grand landscape and lots of Macro work( yes Mike Moats.. www.tinylandscapes.com ) but I am getting hooked on Junk Yard Photography…  but be warned-it’s not as easy as it seems.

Stay Tuned……

Here are  a few samples



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