WEATHER INFO FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS/ “To the End of the WORLD, by Steve Gould

Greetings and Happy Holidays.

It’s only 10 days until Christmas Day and 16 days until 2011 . Please note that workshop registrations and deposits received by Jan,1 2011 are eligible for a 10% discount( over and above any other discounts) I offer. This adds up. I have a few spaces open for the Death Valley workshop in Feb as well. I am running this at a very special price of $ 595.00 as it’s kind of short notice. Figure in your discounts and consider joining us.  Many of my 2011 workshops are filling up fast because of the discounts I am offering.






 For those of you, who know me know I am a weather nut. I always have been and now being a photographer, weather can make or break an outing. I love bad weather. I love freaky weather. As Ansel Adams said, Bad weather makes for good photography”.

In the old days, we just listed on the radio or TV and hoped for an accurate forecast. Now we have lots of information at our fingertips via the internet. In addition, local TV stations have local info on their own sites. Some are quite informative and you should check them out.

Below are the sites I use to formulate my own forecasts. Lot’s of the time I am more correct than the guys and gals on TV and radio. Here in the Pacific Northwest we have this thing call the ocean. It has a mind of its own and I sometimes (but rarely) feel sorry for the forecasters. Hey try but I would say more often than not get it wrong.

Anyhow ……..these sites are rated by suns.  ☼☼☼☼☼ are the best ☼☼☼☼ not as good ☼☼☼ a little worse and so on.

Please take into consideration that these are my opinions. Yours may differ dramatically….If you find a site I don’t have here that you like let me know.


IWDS:  Think the weather guy and gal on the 6 o’clock news is so smart? Well here is the verbiage the weather folks on TV read—no…they are not that smart— they read this site & make like they are figuring out the weather themselves!!! Click on you’re state, then find your abbreviated code for your region and read. There are lots of abbreviations that are easily deciphered.                     ☼☼☼☼☼

 ACCUWEATHER (Good Long Range Forecasts) the premium site is good too—about 7.95 per month–great iPhone APP!   ☼☼☼☼☼ 


 These folks are a close second to AccuWeather and do offer a few things that AccuWeather and Intellects doesn’t. Very accurate and easily navigated site

 INTELLICAST —good current radar info, I like AccuWeather a bit better though

NOAA—National Weather Service ☼☼☼———- easily accessed for your location. Nice map on warnings and advisories.

National Weather Service—Western Region –You can go to the NWS in your own area & click on your location for forecast and other information.       ☼☼☼    

THE WEATHER CHANNEL  ☼☼☼☼                 I tend to pick on these guys. Actually they are getting a lot better than they were, not so long ago Their long-range weather forecast site is a tie in with com (The Weather Channel) and AccuWeather.(see above) The Weather Channel 10 day forecast has been a lot better recently. , Also the past days temperature highs and lows are printed right there when you see the 10 day forecast.  And the average high and low and the record high and low.  The next month’s data is right there as well as a great feature — the ten-day forecast is a prediction of temperatures in the region, weather for the region and wind strength and direction.

CROWN WEATHER:  Great Maps, good information   ☼☼☼☼

 WGN TV (Chicago) Weather Maps— Lots of great info in one place… a great one stop shop.

Mostly Chicago and Midwest but lot of National information as well.           ☼☼☼☼☼

 CLIMATE PREDICTION CENTER (goes out short & pretty long-term)    ☼☼☼☼

UNISYS inferred Sat. Cloud Cover information is always important to know this before heading out for a sunset! This link is set for the Pacific Northwest but you can hit the HOME key on the site and bring up your area easily.   ☼☼☼☼☼



CLEAR DARK SKY (read the site—they explain how it works. I am concerned mainly with Cloud cover and Transparency 



Example:  (how to understand what’s here

 TIDE TABLES:   For those who need Tide Tables anywhere: ☼☼☼☼☼


For those heading over or down to the beautiful Eastern Sierra ( Mono Lake, Yosemite, Bishop etc) THIS SITE IS A MUST. Very accurate and up to date info. Long range forecasts are good a bit lacking. The weather over there is darn unpredictable that I understand why the long-range forecasts are what they are.




  “TO THE END of the EARTH” by Steve Gould

 Link to Steve’s book. (You can preview it here as well)


 A former ( and current 2011 as well) workshop attendee and now a good friend Steve Gould,  and his wife made it down to the Antarctica just about a year ago. Steve is a wonderful photographer with a great eye and technique. He’s been making images for many years and has really developed a style I enjoy.

 As most photographers who are lucky to get to go there, Steve came back with many amazing images. Amazing is an understatement. While here in Oregon last year for a One on One workshop, he brought down some 4×6 prints of some of the images he was considering printing for a big show in a gallery in San Diego. He asked me for my opinion on which ones I thought were worthy of printing and that might sell better than others. I have to tell you that it took a long time to select 50 or so from the images he shot. I was truly blown away.

 Steve did his show with much success. He won’t blow his own horn, so I’ll do it for him. As a result of the success of the show, Steve took many these images and put it into am E-Book. (The ones that didn’t make it were pretty amazing as well!)

 I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this book. It would make a great gift for the holidays, or just plain anytime.

Steve’s already signed on for a One on One in the Olympic Peninsula this spring and will be with un in the Eastern Sierra next October…..  Come ont and join us!

 Good job Steve!


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