L.L. “Stub” Stewart State Park, NW Oregon



Wow… what a little gem… I went up there yesterday to scout for a workshop I am doing for members of the Tualatin Valley National Wildlife Refuge Photographic Society next Saturday.

The park is only about 45 minutes or less from Portland about 4 miles off HWY 26( on the way to Cannon Beach) off Hwy 47.

The weather was pretty much as it’s been here in Oregon since I’ve returned from the desert—cool, windy & rainy, though yesterday afternoon was quite dry.

I checked out 2 trails near the back of the park. One ( called Boomscooter…)was very muddy and hilly so I was kind of limited to getting into some spots & wanted. This trail is about 1 mile or so and covers 300′ elevation drops& rises. There’s a little pond there that’s very photographic. I saw a beaver den, but no beaver.

The other trail I waled along was called Skidder Row. This is a short loop trail with a 200′ or so climb featuring some nice views of the coastal range.

There were lots of wildflowers and lots of cool Macro or close up opportunities.

Other areas of the park look interesting as well. There is a nice visitors center and plenty of campgrounds with great views as well as a few new cabins.

This is a great place to get away really close to Portland.

I took a ride through the small town of Vernonia. Vernonia is known for 2 things… the great floods that have occurred there, most recently just a few years ago and for the home of one of the participating families in  “AX MEN” from cable TV fame. I was surprised to stumble on a gallery called the GREY DAWN GALLERY www.greydawngallery.com that features the work of Christopher Burkett, one of my favorite nature photographers. Christopher was born in Vernonia in 1951 and spent many of his formative years there. If you are in the area or even want to take a drive up there Vernonia is a quaint , logging oriented town in a beautiful part of Oregon.


One thought on “L.L. “Stub” Stewart State Park, NW Oregon”

  1. Hey Jack,

    Gorgeous pics of a state park I’d recently learned about. I didn’t realize it was on the way to Cannon Beach. Going to have to check it out! Just got back from Honeyman & Washburne near Florence.

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