Scouting Joshua Tree National Park

Day 3…… Scouting in the park… Good News–Great Weather… Bad news–wildflowers, yet to be determined are 2-3 weeks late this year…. GOOD NEWS… these is SO much to photograph anyway!

You have to give whoever named the sites here credit for a great imagination. Most of the amazing rock formations have great manes as do the roads and side roads. Some are historical and some names depict the location.

How about..Skull Rock, Lost Horse Mine, Jumbo Rocks,  Shep Pass, Black Eagle Road,Wall Street Mine, White Tanks, Desert Queen Ranch… etc.

Joshua  trees is actually a giant member of the lily family and is in the yucca family. Native Americans used the leaves for sandals and baskets and ate the seeds  and flower buds. IN the mid 1800’s the Mormon immigrants named these trees Joshua trees after the biblical figure, Joshua who held his arms outstretched guiding the travellers westward.

Anyhow, my workshop participants get in tomorrow afternoon and I am sure the next few days will go pretty quick.

here are some images from today.

Below—both images                                                                                                    Joshua Trees–                 Canon G10 again–what a cool camera!


SUNSET TONIGHT —- NIKON D700, 28-70mm  2.8

                    Arch Rock—Nikon D700 Nikon12-24

Another Joshua tree next to a typical rock formation here in Joshua Tree NP..again Canon G10



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