In the spirit of true nature photographers, we decided to skip Morton’s, and all the other prestigious 5 star restaurants here in Reno NV, and head out, on the recommendation of Bill Fortney, photographer extraordinaire and Nikon NPS fame to the famous JOE’S  DINER . Joe’s  is a time warp, serving typical diner food ( are you listening FOOD NETWORK!). As sounds of 50’s and some 60’s rock n roll were softly heard, but loud enough  to add to the ambiance, we settled in on our 2 retro booths and began to trade nature photography stories about some past , present  and unfortunately for us and our passion, no longer with us… all in good humor.

Bill educated us on the many aspects of the “proper” burger, what goes on, what should NEVER be used (“Mushrooms are for steak.. never on a burger”and the mayo MUST be Hellman’s Real Mayo… no imitations”.  Believe me in Bill’s millions of miles traversing the country over his many years on the road ( www.billfortney.com) her know his stuff.

There were 2 of us who had veggie burgers( God Bless them… ) however the rest of us ordered doubles… loaded  but delivered with lots of fries… making it kind of hard to eat the burger.( You kind of have to eat some of the fries to get to the burger).

anyhow, it’s a fun place to go, but the company was the story of the evening. There were a lot of years in nature photography in these 2 booths.

left to right..  yours truly, Bill Fortney(Nikon), Rob Sheppard(writer,Outdoor Photographer & more, Dr. Bill Campbell, (author,teacher and more!), David Cobb( an outstanding photographer from my home area in oregon)and Richard VanderMeulen(Nikon and maybe the best aviation photographer around www.aviationimaging.com )

               Here are our frineds from Lowepro, Kodak along with Scott Bagshaw, another AMAZING   photographer from Oregon(far right)

This is what makes it worth wild.

Now  to try & digest that diner food!

                                                                                                                   Here is BIll adding Mayo to the burger


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