DSLR VIDEO and MORE Workshop 2010..and a few recent images


with Jack Graham and Greg Duncan     

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            JUNE  3-6  2010                            COST: 695.00 (travel, meals, etc not included)


One of the most picturesque areas in the lower 48 states is the backdrop for the Columbia River Gorge Photo & DSLR Video Workshop 2010.

Bridleveil Creek                                                                                                               ©Jack Graham

The Columbia River is the largest river in the West. During the last ice age, about 13,000 years ago, glaciers retreated north, releasing ice & boulders that headed west towards the Pacific Ocean. Along with the creation of the Cascade Mountains came the beautiful, seventy five mile long, thousand foot deep Columbia River Gorge.

Unlike the past workshops, this workshop will feature both landscape, & close up still photography, with equal time given to videography using the DSLR camera system. Video is rapidly becoming part of the every day experience with the advent of new technology by both Nikon and Canon. We will spend time discussing proper camera settings, proper accessories for sound and more. We’ll also discuss editing techniques and everything you need to know (lots that the manuals don’t include) to make your video experience as rewarding as your normal photographical experience.

 With the addition of video to this workshop in the Columbia River Gorge this year, Greg Duncan will be with us as our video instructor. Besides being a great photographer Greg has mastered all aspects of the DSLR video systems. Greg is part of Apple’s soon to come, “My living Desktop” project.

I have photographed in this area in all seasons. My favorite time is in early June. If you like green this is the place to be. Moss wrapped trees, dense forests, and spring wildflowers, near or at peak. The many waterfalls in the area are in prime time in early June fed by the snow melt of the cascades. Some of these falls drop over 550 feet!!! We will be using both the still photography and video mediums in selected locations.
We will be in the field shooting all day during this workshop, from sunrise to sunset. However, we will spend time during the workshop to evaluate and critique our work as well as discuss general aspects of image processing.

Please contact me for more details jack@jackgrahamphoto.com

Greg at Work



After finishing up another year of workshops and more it was really nice to get to spend a few days over this past weekend with my good friend and fellow photographer Greg Duncan. Greg came up from the San Diego area to “hang out” and spend some time photographing in the area.

December is Oregon’s rainiest month of the year so we needed to take advantage of the light and weather conditions that we were dealing with.

 On Friday morning we headed out to the coast. When we left my home it was a balmy 11 degrees above zero. Heading over the coastal mountains things began to warm up. Though temperatures on the coast were only about 40 degrees, the lack of wind made things palatable. We stated out at Ecola State Park just north of Cannon Beach. This park features lots of primeval forest locations along with great seascape possibilities.

This image is looking south toward Cannon Beach from an overlook. The light was really tough as the sun was to my left, at a low angle, due to the time of year. The marine layer served to really enhance the light and draw the eye into the image. Lot of times, we use leading lines, s-curves etc to draw us into an image. This is an example of using light to accomplish the same.

Oregon Seastacks from Ecola State Park                                                  ©Jack Graham

The forecast was for rain to overspread the area in the late afternoon. By about 3 pm we were pretty sure we would get a decent sunset, just ahead of the incoming storm, we lucked out by about ½ hr. Just as the last light disappeared the clouds rolled in and ended any light that was left. Timing is everything.

Here is an image shot by Greg at Cannon Beach looking north toward Haystack Rock. This is a good use of foreground. The small amount of pink alpenglow also enhanced this image. Greg used a 3 stop Singh-Ray Neutral Density Filter along with a 2 stop reverse grad on his wide angel lens. www.singh-ray.com

Last Light, Cannon Beach , Oregon                                                                                                    © Greg Duncan

Sunday morning was very foggy after a cold rain during the night and then clearing at sunrise. Not far from my house, out in the farmland of the Willamette Valley there are many old and abandoned barns, houses and other structures. This is one such building. Greg was trying to show the environment and convey a mysterious feeling aided by the fog, not just the building itself. In the processing of the image, Greg converted this photograph into black and white using Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro. www.niksoftware.com  We both highly recommend this program.

Mysterious                                                                                                                                                         ©Greg Duncan

Finally, in late morning we drove up the hillside to about 1600’. Bald Peak State Park is a small park which is known for its towering spruce trees and the vistas of the coastal range to the west and Cascades to the East. On a clear day one can see ( looking north to south) Mt Rainer, Mt St. Helens, Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams and Mt Jefferson all at once. This image is looking east toward the peak of Mt Hood rising from the valley fog. I used 5 stops of Singh-Ray Graduated neutral density filters www.singh-ray.com  to make the mountain, sky and clouds look natural, as the sky was about 4-5 stops brighter than the trees.

Mt Hood, out of the fog                                                                                                  ©Jack Graham

These 4 images were processed using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CS4 along with Nik Software

Define 2.0, Viveza and Silver Efex Pro(B&W)

Jack–Nikon D700

Greg Canon 5D MkII

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