Great American Photography Workshop Images 2009/Columbia River Gorge

©Jack Graham

I am privileged to do a few workshops with the folks at the Great American Photography Weekend. ( )  this organization, founded a number of years ago by Bill Fortney (  The GAPW is one of the premier photography workshop organizations around. In many respects Bill and the GAPW pioneered the photography workshop concept way back when.

This year’s event in the Columbia River Gorge was one of the best workshops I’ve done in the area due mainly to the weather and the great group that was here.  We had 2 magnificent sunrises and all decent light. May and early June was prime time for the wildflowers along with  lots of water coming over the falls and in the many streams that are plentiful here in Oregon in the spring.

I think that the images found below reflect the great conditions and the overall quality of results by the attendees.

Look for me to do another workshop here in the Columbia River Gorge in the spring as well as a Macro & More workshop with Mike Moats in the Smokies in April 2010 for the GAPW folks. It’s a real pleasure working with them. Details are to be forthcoming real soon.

Enjoy the images!



0905_MFA_Oregon_CRG_004_aaaGorge Sunrise

©Mary Andrade









0905_PSA_Columbia River Gorge _212-AAA


2nd Gorge Sunrise

©Peter Andrade








DSC_5709 b2 Email VersionAAA







                                                                           Poppy field  © Ted keller





Flow 2_D208586a Email VersionAAA






Bridleveil Creek   © Ted keller





                                                      Western Columbine  ©Mary Andrade




0905_PSA_Columbia River Gorge_320_AAA







Mexican Poppys  © Peter Andrade


Falls 1 DSC_5665a Email VersionAAA

Latourell Falls  © Ted Keller


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