Day 2 scouting included time spent on the east side of the park. Much less rainfall occurs on the east side. The east side has a different feel to it. It is certainly much loss crowded and offers some great hiking and scenery. I am really thinking about getting back here when the aspens are at peak fall color. It must be something. Today, one day prior to the start of my workshop will be spent from Logan pass west. There is a chance for thunderstorms today so I am hoping for some good light later in the day. Yesterday was cool. When I arrived into East Glacier, it was 59 degrees. I don’t think I saw 70 degrees at all yesterday. The next few days should be warmer.

I am also testing out a clip on insect(Mosquito) repellent. It  run by batteries and has a fan in it that expels an orderless repellent.  I think its about $10.00-12.00 at Walgreen’s and refills are between $1-2.00 each. You get 12 hrs or so per refill. So far I have had NOT ONE bite while having it clipped on my belt, and I have been in really bad mosquito areas. NOT ONE BITE!. For me that’s amazing.

All of these were shot with my Nikon D700. One of the Mt. Goat images was made with my D200 using a Nikon300mm F4 lens.  By using the D200 allowed me to increase the focal length to450mm!

Also remember these images were processed using this laptop, so they might not be at 100%!!

Anyhow, here are some images from yesterday. It was another good day in paradise.

I am changing hotels tonight and I am not sure on Internet availability, but check back tomorrow for more images.


Sunset wasnt great last night, but even an average sunset here is pretty amazing.sunset1


medicineriverMedicine River, close to Two Medicine Lakes

Fires occur quite often here. This fire on the east side occurred a few years ago and covered huge areas. However, things are coming back plant life is abundant. I shot this  in color, then changed it to inferred. What do you think?











I managed to see more Mt Goats. They are no in the best shape, coat wise this time of year, but they sure can maneuver in the snowy mountainsides.














This pond is know to be frequented by a Moose. The past two night this little black tail deer was there eating dinner. This is one area that the new mosquito device worked really well.pond1
































Aspen, wildflowers…..  its amazing how in 2 days of warm weather have made the wildflowers appear in amazing beauty.

This is Lunch Falls, just east of Logan Pass

lunch Falls


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