PREPARATION & Photography tips

All  text and  images are ©Jack Graham/ All rights reserved.

I just returned home to the Pacific Northwest  from speaking and judging at the 48th Annual NFRCC (Nigara Frontier Regional Camera Club in Grand Island NY. Along with Michael Richmann, Rick Sammon, Mike Moats,  Ellen Annon and others, I had a great time and hope that everyone enjoyed what we had to offer.

Friday evening featured a prepared program by Mike Moats and me. kr1_jga5740em1As some may know Mike and I run photography workshop, Macro & More ( where we visit locations conduciveto both Landscape as well as macro photography. Visit our web site for more details .

 We were both pleased to be able to present our program to the SRO audience that packed the room.

On Saturday I did 2 breakout programs on “20 Tips to becoming a better nature photographer”. One was at 8:15 AM but had over 40-50 folks in attendance. The afternoon program was even better attended. My thanks to all.

Mike did a hands on shot of interesting subjects showing all his style and technique.

After the annual dinner and awards ceremony, Michael Reichmnn prsented a most interesting program on some of his magnificent images from around the world. With so much bad information on the Internet these days, Michael’s site is absolutely 1st rate.

I promised the folks I would ost the 2 articles written a few months ago, already published, that my programs were based on.  One is on”Preperation“, a subject often ignored by lots of nature photographers and the other being ” 20 Tips to becoming a better photographer“. BOTH ARTICLES ARE LINKED:



I would personally like to thank everyone I met, the many folks I already know from previous conventions in which I participated as well as Randy Zack, Larry Stevenson, Ann McCooey, Dee Cunningham and others for making me feel so welcome.

Spring is in the air and nature photography should be heating up soon.

Lets all get out and enjoy  it!





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