Greeting to everyone. Yes it’s winter on Oregon. We had a major snowstorm ( very rare for this part of Oregon) in late December, but it’s all in the past now and we a re all looking forward to spring. Believe it or not garden work is starting here already. The snow did leave me with some interesting photo opportunities

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I am big fan of the television show “24” shown on Fox. Here is an article featuring some of the folks who make the show happen including the star, Keifer Sutherland who plays Jack Bauer. They discuss their interest in photography and how it relates to what they do within the show and non-still photography







We still have 1 or 2  openings for the Death Valley Workshop coming up in a few weeks. lamonvalley12sandtracks1The weather has been good so far this winter and if things remain the way they have bee there will be lots of great light and snow on some of the mountain peaks in the park, making for some breathtaking backgrounds. The light is always special and the temperatures are comfortable this time of year. 


Please contact Ralph Nordstrom to register ASAPwww.ralphnordstromphotography.com




MACRO & MORE—Mike Moats and I are pleased to say that we are almost at capacity for our June workshop here in Oregon. We will be spending time in the Columbia River Gorge as well as on the Oregon Coast to shoot the scenic landscapes as well as spending lots of time exploring the world of macro photography in both locations. starfish1Subjects will range from fiddle heads to starfish.

Please contact Mike or me for details:  mm_2009_oregon_flyer_011 



BIG NEWS:—-Due to the success of our 2008 and now 2009 Macro and More workshops, Mike and I are expanding this concept to include a new location this fall. silvasp11We will be offering the same concept (landscape combined with landscape) photography in a workshop format located in the EASTER SIERRA of California. We will be there at peak fall color. Locations include Bodie (Ghostown) Mono Lake, Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest and more. For complete details: mm_2009_esierra_flyer_01



Please also know I do ONE on ONE Photography Workshopshere in Oregon as well as outside the state. Information can be found by reading: general-information-images




A Sign of the Times:

 I am hearing from lots of folks I talk to that Nikon prices will be increasing dramatically as of February 1st.

Hunt Photo www.wbhunt.com   will be honoring current prices on in stock lenses, flashes, and extenders through January 31st.

  • 24-70 2.8 G ED
  • 70-200 2.8 G VR
  • 70-300 F4 5 6 G IF ED
  • 14-24 2.8 G
  • 10.5 2.8 G
  • 12-24 F4 G F ED
  • 17-55 2.8 G
  • 18-200 3.5 5.6 G
  • SB 900 flash
  • SB 600 flash
  • R1 wireless remote
  • R1 C1
  • 200-400
  • TC 17 E converter
  • TC 20 E converter
  • PC E macro 85 2.8
  • 500VR F 4 G ED VR (limited supply)
  • ___________________________________________________________


There is an interesting debate going on www.naturescapes.net regarding game farm photography. Articles written by Joe McDonald and Tom Manglesen offer contrasting points regarding this type of shooting. Those of you that are wildlife shooters should read this.




I’ll be discussing the advantages of subscribing to Robert Hitchman’s PHOTOGRAPH NEWS LETTER (www.photographamerica.com). In sites on where, when & how to get to some of America’s favorite locations are invaluable. DON’T LEAVE HOME WITH OUT IT!!!!





I’ll be discussing the new Canon G10. What a fun little camera. The G10 is the new version of the successful G9. Yes it’s a point & shoot, but the quality is really something to see . At 15MP it offers good print capabilities. If you can’t carry your full bag of lenses etc, this little camera will render some pretty amazing resluts for the size, price and features ( Yes! you can shoot RAW). You can pick them up for under $ 500.00.

Check this out!  Not bad for a point & shoot…..cc_nev_lv1_g10_0901_11x142
































Here are a few images from 2008



This big horn ram was pretty content to allow us to photograph him during our recent Workshop (Dec) in Wyoming.


Why not join me next year?













This is STILL CREEK, not far from Mt Hood on the SE Side of Trillium Lake.


The sun was just starting to peak from behind the fog. I tihk it added a lot to the image.


This is one of my favorite locations.






























This is a verticle panorama ( 3 images stitched together to form the final image) of Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge. This 600′ falls was practically incased with ice this winter. The gorge had about 2 weeks of sub 20 degree temperatures prior to Christmas.


It’s so amazing that after these rough winters the gorge is such a fantastic place for springtime wildflowers and water!