ON THE ROAD–DAY 5 Cody to Jackson Hole,WY

All images [c]Jack Graham  12/2008

Because of road closures (winter conditions made us go the long winter route) ) we had a 500 mile trip today south from Cody, into Riverton then up NW through Dubois into the Teton National Park, arriving into Jackson late in the day.

Thankfully this was  the last day of travel before heading home after our trip here in Wyoming on Monday or Tuesday ( dictated by the weather)

We had good weather and some unbelievable cloud patterns to photograph. len-cloudIts quite interesting to actually make the cloud the subject in such a magnificent area for landscape images. These clouds are made up of  of ice crystals and are refered to as lenticular clouds. They are usually found over high mountain ranges

We crossed the Continental divide ( about 9800′) then dropped down into beautify Teton National Park.










The image everyone knows is the famous Snake River image made by Ansel Adams.  snakebwThis is one amazing location  and one the Adams carefully placed his tripod. Just a foot to the right or left can make this image not as good. He really nailed this one. We had little or no snow at our elevation. Its quite comical in the winter to come and shot this image. You can literally see the  3 tripod holes where Adams had his, made by other photographers trying to match that shot.



Here is our group, from left to right. group

Gerry Emery, Palm Springs CA, Al Kressler, Cincinnatti,OH; Greg Duncan, Temecula,CA; Randy Zack, Hamburg NY and yours truly.

We all are having a great time getting into some  beautiful country and bantering back & forth, all in good jest  These are all qulaity folks and all good friends. It really makes me feel pretty lucky to be able to spend some time with these guys , in such an amazing place. In a week or 2,  I’ll be putting some images shot by them up here on the blog  for all to see. I’ve seen some alredy and they are super.

Tomorrow will hopefully bring some snow and allow us to capture some images here in the Teton National Park  as well as beautiful Jackson hole at night.



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