All images [c] Jack Graham/ 12/2008horses

Out on the South Fork of the Shoshone River

Day 2 photographing in and around. Cody started like yesterday ended… cold, but on this AM it was brutally windy.

The image above was shot with temps in the 20’s and winds gusting to, I bet, over 40MPH at times. ( My really Right Stuff BH55 and Gitzo tripod really came in handy in these conditions).

The locals call these the “Chinooks”. The wind blows from the southwest and warms up the temperature very quickly. By noon it was above freezing and the high late this afternoon was almost 40. It was -1 below here at 6AM. That’s some change.

Because of the winds, our plans to shoot the south fork of the Shoshone River changes when we dove the 30 miles of the road and saw just a few sheep, but lots of deer.

We drove back to Cody and proceeded up the north for. Bob Hitchman of PHOTOGRAPH AMERICA(www.photographamerica.com) fame is on the workshop with us. Bob’s eagle eyes rewarded us with a few good images that otherwise might have been passed up.

We were lucky to get some “trophy” images of some of the Big Horn Sheep and some bison as well.

Tomorrow is off to Jackson Hole. We may get a bit of snow as we cross the Continental Divide and head down into Jackson.

More To come. Here are some images from today….JG













ramhead     ewe11














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