© Jack Graham 12/2008


Hello from Cody, Wyoming where it’s about 14 degrees and snowing tonight.


Today was really a travel day between Yellowstone and Cody. What, in all but winter is a 1 ½ hr trip takes 4 ½ hrs to drive in the winter due to road closures. I had lots of icy roads but made it by late afternoon.


My entire group is here and we all hope to get some good wildlife and landscape images the balance of the week before heeding down to Jackson Hole.


The weather will bring 15-25 degree days both tomorrow  The snow & cold have brought the Elk, Deer and Big Horn Sheep out and hopefully get them within access to photograph.


This am I shot a few panoramas in Yellowstone then headed over here to Cody. The light wasn’t good but the fresh snow on the sage, grasses & rabbit bush provided some nice coloration. Large herds of Bison have been quite common so fat this trip in Wyoming as you can see on this hillside.


More to come tomorrow!



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