2aNext Monday, I’ll be heading out from Portland Or. to NW Yoming as I do this time of year to photogrraph the Big Horn Sheep as well as the landscape of the area in Winter. during my WINTER WYOMING PHOTO SAFARI ( see www.jackgrahamphoto.com for details on next years event).

So far the weather looks kind of unpredictable, but that’s the way it is out there this time of year.    

I plan to drive through Idaho stopping in the Coeur D’Alene area then on to Gardiner MT. I’ll spend a day in Yellowstone before heading to Cody.

10aThis is a great time of year to be in this area. Many years ago a friend and wonderful photographer Leon  Jenson, a Cody resident too a lot of time not only showing me where the sheep come to eat during the winter months but some invaluable techniques used to capture some great images.

For that I thank him.

Along with the Big Horn Sheep, thre sould be some elk as well as Buffalo around if luck permits




4aAfter a few days in Cody, I’ll be venturing down to Jackson Hole to photograph the Tetons for a day or 2 before heading home.




3aCheck back here on my blog If you can during Dec 1-10th for some new images as well as perhaps a few stories and information should you ever get out that way.


As time permits I’ll update the blog with some images and information .






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