“TINY LANDSCAPES”, the book, by Mike Moats


My friend and partner in our Macro and More Photography Workshops, Mike Moats has recently published his 1st book entitled TINY LANDSCAPES©.  I always liked that name ( its the same as Mike’s website as well) since so much of Macro photography uses the same principles of Landscape photography.

The book not only contains many of Mikes wonderful images but a good information what went into each image. Mike talks about his though processes as well as technical information.

Weather you are just getting into macro photography or have been this is a great read not to mention Mike’s great shots.

If you like what you see, why not join us next year for our Macro and More workshop in June.mm_cc_point2




We will be spending 1 1/2 days in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon and the 2 days on the Oregon Coast.


You can order Mike’s book at www.amazon.com or directly from Mike at www.tinylandscapes.com




One thought on ““TINY LANDSCAPES”, the book, by Mike Moats”

  1. Well, I work a different type of “landscape”. But I came across your site and found the photos interesting. Along these same lines of tiny landscapes, you all should check out my cousin’s website. He does a lot of that. He’s down in Salem. You all have a lot in common. Check out his site and photos at jimlayman.com. Thanks for sharing your site!

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