Fall Photography—East and West

It’s hard to believe how fast this month has gone. It’s also been a busy month and time has not allowed for what I wanted to do as far as updating this biog, as well as my web site www.jackgrahamphoto.com  with new articles and info. There’s been lots happening though and in the coming weeks I’ll have time to attack most of the things I haven’t been able to do in the past month or so.

Fall color is what a lot of photographers live for. I have to say it’s been really quite a great October for me as I did quite a lot of shooting here in Oregon, from the coast to the Mountains.

Sunset from Ecola State Park, Oregon Coast

Trout Lake Creek, Washington

I shot areas from Mt Adams,  and the Gifford-Pinchot National Forest in southern Washington south to Mt Hood then further south along the Pacific Crest trail to My Washington and jeffferson in the 3 Ststers wildwerness area. I’ll get some new images up soon as well as on my web site.

Last week I had the pleasure to be part of the 4th or 5th (?) annual Fall Photography workshop in NE Ohio led by Bob Kulon. We had an excellent grouip and above average color. We spent time in some prime locations as well as another full day on an Amiah Farm ( the only workshop I know of that gets to shoot on the farm itself then get a real Amish dinner). This will happen again next year so contact Bob ASAP for reservations.. they go fast (bkulon@hotmail.com)

Typical Amish Barn, near Farmerstown Ohio

It was good getting back to Ohio to see Bob and quite a number of old photographer friends.

Yes we had some inclement weather, but much of it helped off until the evenings. I know Bob will be getting lots of images up from the recent workshop and you’ll want to check them out

Speaking of Bob Kulon….. Bob is a good friend as well as being a wonderful talented photographer. What a lot fo folks are discoveing is his ability to teach the art of photography both in the field as well as in the classroom.


 For those of you who live in the midwest especially, I sugest you check out his offerings. Bob started a new blog today where you can keep up on his comings and goings. http://bobkulon.wordpress.comBob is the founder of the DSLR Bootcamp concept. We can never stop learning and I highly recommmend his offerings. Check back to this site often.



So on to November, snow & rain here inte Pacific NW and Mountains. The off to Wyoming in December for the Big Horn Sheep and Teton’s workshop.

My official 2009 Schedule will be published in about a week and God willing we will have a good year.

Life ain’t so bad!



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