MACRO & MORE, Introducing our new blog!!!!

Thats it…. The new blog by Mike Moats and myself dedicated to just that….. Macro Photography….  and more!

My good friend Mike Moats ( and I conducted a workshop last year here in Oregon. We entitled it Macro & More in the Columbia River Gorge. You can read about it on my blog This was a different type of workshop that combined some magnificent landscape photography along with experiencing the macro world around us as well.  It was very successful.

Mike Moats is as good a macro shooter as there is. His ability to “see” images artistically as well as his technical proficiency is second to none. I am a bit more of a generalist and enjoy the landscape as well as macro. (I’ve even got Mike shooting some Landscapes now and he’s damm good!  We both bring different things to the table and think we’ve hit on a concept for photography workshops that we can expand as time progresses. Not only that we always have a great time and enjoy being out shooting together.

Soon we will be announcing out 2009 workshop schedule (Oregon in May 2009!!…and more).

On the right is an image of Mike shot in the gorge doing some scouting last May. Yes, it was pouring rain and we were both drenched….. go figure, 2 days later it was in the 90’s! 

So, today, Mike and I are launching our new blog MACRO & MORE, today. We invite you to stop by often to see what’s new in our world. We will be posting images, articles and tips for not only macro shooting, but general photography information (how to, ideas, locations etc) as well as images by our workshop participants. You never know what might turn up!!!!

Please let us know what you think!