So…. What do you do in the San Francisco Bay area in November? One might think that just because it’s November the summer’s over and the dreary winter is beginning. This could not be further than the truth in the Bay Area.

 Every fall, I conduct a photography workshop in and around the S, F.  Bay area. We usually travel from Pt. Reyes National Seashore to Santa Cruz in about 3 days (details can be found at www.jackgrahamphoto.com ). Though I always have a preset itinerary, we often change things due to the light and or weather conditions.


The fall is such a special time in this region. The crowds are gone, the slow pace in Napa is even slower and the weather is usually perfect. Those who have never been to San Francisco this time of year might not know that the late fall and early winter is usually warmer than the summer. My favorite days however, are the relaxed, kind of partly cloudy warm days in the Napa valley where the pace is just wonderful. Did you know that the grape leaves actually turn color, just like trees?

It’s a photographer’s paradise. It became a custom for my wife and me to take a drive through the Napa Valley almost every XMAS and Thanksgiving Day. We kind of had it all to ourselves!  


During the workshop, we usually spend a good part of one day north of the Golden Gate in Napa and the Marin Headlands, just north of San Francisco. From the Marin Headlands, amazing views of the ocean as well as some old Army buildings as well as structures used in WW II are plentiful. You can actually see dome of the bunkers built into the rock, where our military stood guard watching for possible enemy attacks during the war.


As migrating hawks fly over head, there are just endless photographic possibilities. Sunset looking down toward Pt. Arena and the point where San Francisco Bay meets the Pacific is always rewarding.

 Another full day is spent south of the Golden Gate. Driving down HWY 1 features lots of hidden gems to photograph. But you have to know where they are! The landscape and scenes of waves crashing onto the rocks are plentiful along with other sites that I’ve found while spending 10 years in this area. It is quite common to see harbor seals sunning themselves on the rocks, just off the coast.  Lunch in quaint Pescadero is always special for me. Sunset’s are usually fantastic!!!!


Yes, of course we’ll spend some time in San Francisco proper and shoot some of the beautiful sections of the city.


You can’t beat this area at any time of the year, but for me, November is the best time to get out and photograph. I have a few spots still open and if you have questions please contact me at:

jack@jackgrahamphoto.com or visit www.jackgrahamphoto.com.




  1. Hi, I came across and wondered if you are still going to have a fall photography workshop in the bay area for 2009. Can you let me know when you get a moment? Thank you. Your website was not updated and I couldn’t find the information I wanted.

  2. Hallo! I live in Germany but will be in California in April 2011. Looking for a photo Workshop for enthusiastic amateurs – any chance that you will have anything going during that time. I’ll be in the Tomales area from April 7 – April 22.
    Thanks, Valerie

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