A LOOK AHEAD to 2009 / Photography Workshops

 Now that we are just more than half way into 2008, it’s time to sit own and schedule out 2009.
I’ll be finalizing this by about August 1st with any luck.


      Lower Antelope Canyon, AZ                           Haceta Head Lighthouse, Oregon Coast
With gas at an all time high as well as other travel expenses, I am doing all I can do to keep my prices in line with the  overall experience. I have really looked closely at the other workshops being offered and I can say without hesitation you will get a great workshop at a fair price with me.  When I update my web site next month I’ll be putting some testimonials up as well. References (many attendees are return attendees!) are always available on request. I intend to keep my workshops small ( 8 or less), so I can continue to provide the individual attention that you have grown to expect.

                                         A Stream in the Columbia Gorge

As of now I am scheduling:
LOCATION                        TENTATIVE TIME FRAME
Columbia River Gorge –      May and October (late in the month)
Oregon Coast _                  June and September
Slots, etc (Arizona, Utah) – April
The Palouse ( Eastern Washington) – June (prime growing time)
The Palouse ( Eastern Washington) _early August (Harvest) l
Eastern Sierra –                  October
S. F. Bay area –                   November
Big Horn Sheep Photo Safari in Wyoming – Early December

                                            The Palouse in June


Macro & More in the Gorge & Oregon Coast with Mike Moats _ mid to late May
Macro & More — in a surprise location with Mike Moats ———–TBD

     www.tinylandscapes.com  for Mike’s fine work

Here is Mike working with one of this years attendees


Monument Valley & Slot Canyons (special event to include wild horses in the Valley!) – Mid Feb.
Olympic National Park – June
The BIG ISLAND—Hawaii in mid January

As of now I am not scheduled to be back in the Ohio area in October however that may change.

Stay tuned for 2010—I am working on two international workshops. One in Europe and the other in China.
In addition to this schedule, I offer 1 on 1 photographic instruction here in Oregon. Details can be found here on my blog in the March 29, 2008 edition or by contacting me directly.

As always, please send me an email for details at jack@jackgrahamphoto.com


 North of Cape Blanco, Oregon