It’s good to have friends…….

a_warp_s.jpg  THE WAVE, Mark Hudon

Photographer’s blogs, just like this one almost always let others know what they are up to, what’s new etc. I thought I would take time to not talk about myself, but some of the folks who either are good friends, or serve as inspiration (and most of the time both!) to me in photography

People have really made photography more than a great experience. I’ve been very fortunate over the years to have met, learned and just plain “hung out” with some really big name nature photographers as well as some folks that may not have the reputation, but take equally as good images. I have learned, and continue to learn and value everyone I am lucky to come in contact with.   Here are just a few folks that come to mind recently that have had an impact on my photography as well as me personally.

I have chosen to list them alphabetically since there isn’t any order I view these folks. Please take a few minutes and look at their work.

Though these are but a few of note,  I’d also like to acknowledge folks like Bill Fortney of Nikon, GAPW, pilot and author, Darrell Gulin, one of Cannons Messengers of Light and great photographer in his own right )and  Bob Hitchman of  for continued support and inspiration.



Marc’s work caught my eye even while still in Ohio. His images of Mt Hood grace my family room.

Like many of the folks I’ve listed here, I met marc via When I arrived here in Oregon to stay last summer, Marc was the first photog to give me some places to shoot. We made a trek up to Mary’s Peak in the fog & light rain one afternoon to shoot an area he knows about. I’ll always remember that.

Rather than expand on Marc’s philosophy allow me to reprint something from his website:

 “I used to have a short bio up here with lists of publications, awards and such but we can skip over that part if you really want to know who I am, and why I take photographs like these. It will suffice to say my work has been published in most major photo magazines, won many awards, and I’m involved with far too many other projects to mention am so passionate about wilderness adventure, that it’s really impossible for me to anything else with my life besides landscape photography. The art of photographing the landscape is the purest expression of my soul. You can’t capture images like this unless you let nature come to you, first. And in doing so I have devoted my life to the land, spending around 200 days each year out there with my camera, and often, with my loving partner Annie. I want to live a simple life. I have no kids, and the next check is probably going to be for travel first. I’ve seen some amazing things out there and have too many stories to mention, yet I am absolutely driven to capture the next rare, fleeting, magic moment I am fortunate enough witness. I never tire of it. I want people to see, to remember and to be moved to care for the natural world.” That sums up Marc. His work speaks for itself. Marc and I share the teachings and creativity of the late Galen Rowell ( ). 



 _janderson2961_0710.jpgThough an Ohioan, Josh is one of those folks who attended a workshop of mine in Oregon a few years back, and became a good friend. Josh’s photography has leapfrogged into something special. He has a keen eye for photographing birds and other fauna. He and his wife love in Southern Ohio.

My favorite story about Josh is about the time after our Oregon workshop. He and Kristy disappeared for a day. I hadn’t heard from them. We were planning on doing some shooting so I was hoping that everything was OK. When I finally reached Josh, he let me know that he was so blown away with what was available to photograph here in the west, he went and bought a vehicle, drove Kristy to the airport to fly back to Ohio and then drove home to Ohio using the scenic route, all the while shooting some great images in the National Parks. In nature photography, it helps to have an understanding wife!

Josh was selected to participate in the 2008 ICF Pro-Photo Tour and sponsored by NPN (Nature Photographer’s Network). 

His personal website is;



woodduckmale7893jackblog.jpgWood Duck, J.Anderson




I met Chuck one evening while walking my dogs on the towpath close to the Beaver pond in the Cuyahoga National Park while living in Ohio. He was carrying his Nikon (on a tripod—I always note that folks carrying a tripod are at least half serious) looking for something to shoot. I soon discovered Chuck was really serious about his passion.  We chatted for a while and since then we have become good friends. Chuck and his wife (another understanding wife) live in Bath Ohio, not far from where used to reside

 “I’ve been shooting seriously since 2004. My learning curve remains very steep and I’m fortunate to have a community of great photographers who offer assistance whenever it’s needed. After a busy fall shooting in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, I’ve spent much of the winter updating my

fall-foliage-blue-hen-falls.jpg   Blue Hen Falls, CVNP, C. Beattysylvan-pond-fall-07.jpg

Sylvan Pond, CVNP,  Chuck Beatty


PRESTON BIRDWELLPreston is the moderator of the California Forum on NPN We typically meet at Mono Lake every October for a dinner or some shooting while I’m over there doing my workshop. Preston is a great large format shooter. Check out his work at 

Preston at Mono Lake:




Like many of the folks that I’ve included here I met Dan shortly after I moved to Ohio in 2004. At the time Dan was involved with the Midwest forum on On We became good friends and had some good days shooting in the Cuyahoga National Park.


 Dan spends a lot of time last year shooting around Columbus, Ohio.  Mostly bugs, and the stray larger objects (barns, bikes, babes (the two month old kind)).  Dan spent this winter devoting most of his time to understanding studio photography.  “There is a lot to learn there, although I’d like to think I have acquired at least a minimal competence, especially with strobe and 4×5 macro”. 


“I am looking forward to the spring and summer, if for no other reason to get outdoors.  Even better, I am employed again, so small weekend trips through the Midwest will return.  It promises to be a good year”

MARC COHOAT Marc and I go away back to the Great American Photography days in the early to mid 90’s. Mark lives in Sacramento and is a good friend. Mark has a great eye for photography. I keep encouraging him to get out doing some shooting more. I know he wants to as well, and will. Marc has done workshops with me in Oregon, California and Wyoming.  

dsc_0103-copy01.jpgBodie State Historic Park,CA

dsc_0078-copy01.jpgLundy Canyon, CA




I also met Ryan through NPN as well. Ryan lives a few miles from me here in Oregon. We’ve spent some time locally and over on the coast doing some shooting. Ryan, as well as all the other local photographers here in Oregon have been so wonderful in helping me learn some great locations not typically photographed. Ryan says:

“I’m very happy to have met you this past year and had the opportunity to get out and look for photo opportunities.  I look forward to some more outings as well.  I’ve completed a full scale 100% re-design of my web site.  It’s probably 96% complete, with some tweaking yet to go, but to the casual observer I believe it’s totally done and acceptable.  My recent sale has helped motivate me to find time to get out more, even if it is only a few hours here and there.  My goal for this year is to try to define my photographic style more precisely and reach out to potential markets here and there and make another sale or two.  I have a wide range of interests, but I would like to get in a groove and discover some more about my inner photographer, if that make any sense




Like Josh Anderson, I met Gregg while he attended one of my workshops. Here’s done 3 of them now and we have become great friends. Greg has really developed a great eye for landscape photography. Greg also is into sports photography and has some great shots of his kid’s track & basketball teams.



 Another NPN’er, Ned’s bee kind enough to also have shared some photographic locations here in Oregon. Ned does some really nice landscape work but I think his forte is intimate images of flowers. We shared some time in a huge (and I mean huge) dahlia farm last fall.



As Ned reports, “Photographically I am awaiting the full bloom of Spring Flowers down at the Tulip fields.  I also have 4 vacations planned this year, starting with a week in May photographing streams and waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge during its peak.  Other plans include Crater Lake, and the South Coast for two trips – also hopefully Northern California redwoods and Utah”



Michael Gordon is an award-winning self-taught photographer who devotes nearly all his photographic energy to his native state of California and to the places and objects found within. As an active hiker, climber, and explorer, Michael’s intimate connection with the landscape yields photographs of great depth and clarity. He is best known for his black and white ‘Desert’ series which, says Broughton Quarterly, portrays “stunning ethereal beauty from terrain where others see only a bleak landscape.”  Michael, Like Preston is a large format shooter. His images really inspire me as much as anyone. What’s really interesting is how many times we run into each other in the field. I can think of at least 3, most recently in Joshua Tree NP.

 I would encourage all of you to visit . Michael is one of my favorite nature photographers.

 Also Michael’s blog is




Mark is another in the long list of wonderful photographers here in Oregon. Mark and his family live in Hood River, about 50 miles east of Portland on the Columbia River. Mark is another climber who gets himself to some remote places that some of us just front get into. I really enjoy marks southwest images and his images of Oregon’s Painted Hills.  Mark has also been really helpful in pointing out some prime locations to me as I continue to discover some of the hidden gems here in Oregon. Check out all his work at 




lily.jpgI actually don’t remember how I met Mike but I think it was also with NPN, Mike is perhaps the premier macro photographer around. It’s not the technique that makes his images; it’s his unique ability to see pictures within pictures. Mike devotes his full energy to macro photography and is part of the Fuji Talent Team. He has been published in many magazines and has received numerous awards. Mike and I are teaming up for our “MACRO and MORE in the GORGE’ workshop here in May. We are planning 2 such events in other locations next year. You can view his work at or at

tinybubbles.jpg    leaf11.jpg




I think Al has the record as having done more of my workshops than anyone. Again, like some of the other folks here that’s how we met and continue to be good friends. The only thing Al needs to really perfect his craft is time. But now that he’s semi retired I think he’ll fins it. Al‘s planning trips to the California Win Country as well as Alaska year. He has already committed to get out here to Oregon in the fall. 





kulon091006.jpg  Bob and I met in Ohio a few years ago. While I was doing field workshops, Bob was developing a classroom workshop devoted to learning everything one needs to know in order to be a competent photographer in the ever changing digital works. He asked me to be part of this and lend a hand to bring his classroom concept into the field as well. This concept has evolved into what bob has called DSLR BOOTCAMP (; Bob continues to expand this information and conduct these workshops as well as other workshops in Ohio. This year bob is not only doing his DSLR BOOTCAMP but will be featured in many fine art fairs around the Midwest. If you want to get them most out of your equipment and software don miss attending at least one of the BOOTCAMP.I’ve turned over my Fall Workshops in Ohio to Bob who has done a great job with them. Once again this year, I’ll be there to lend a hand when needed. Bob and I have a good synergy for working together. I really enjoy that time. Check out my website or Bob’s for details. 

And oh by the way…as you can see…..Bob’s work is really superb.

071005_sierra_5d_0080.jpgBodie State Historic Park, CA.

 070902_perkinsbeach_0010.jpgLake Erie



mono_lake_under_harvesr_moon.jpgMono Lake, Ca

I was standing on the bank of Mono Lake a few years ago on a cold October morning waiting for the sunrise along with about another 250 photographers when I ran into Ralph. Since then we’ve kept in touch and have compared notes on a number of subjects. I really like Ralph’s style and thinking when it comes to nature photography. From Ralph… “My artistic passion is our beautiful earth.  I believe that being in the presence of the natural world brings meaning to our lives.  I have a strong, intense, personal relationship with nature which I strive to convey in my art.  I am currently working on a project to blend photography with classical music.  I am seeking to marry the expressive qualities of the two art forms into beautiful, moving works fully embrace the digital camera revolution and all that it has made available.  The tools at our disposal in the digital darkroom take us well beyond what is generally possible in the chemical darkroom.  These continuing developments have greatly expanded what I refer to as the ‘expressive vocabulary’ with which it is possible to communicate more fully and vividly.  I have not and will never fabricate images.  I do, however, allow myself the artistic freedom to take the wonders that are found on our earth and interpret and render them in ways that are very personal to me, bring pleasure and meaning to our lives and a reverence for the natural world around us”.

riverside_walk.jpgZion National Park




There should be more good guys like Tom. Tom lives up in Eastern Ohio and really enjoys his time photographing almost more than anyone I know. Again we met as Tom has done a few of my workshops. Tom is plain spoken and you know after you talk to him he’s as honest as they come. We’ve spent quite a few days shooting down in the Amish country and came away with at least one or 2 keepers on every trip. Here are 2 samples of Tom’s excellent work. 




Randy and I met a few years ago when he engaged my services to show him around the Cuyahoga National Park in Ohio. Those of you who have since met Randy on some of my workshops, etc. will, I am sure, agree me when I compliment Randy not only on his work, but his down to earth personality and for being an overall good guy! I have conducted a few workshops with just folks from his camera clubs in the Buffalo area as well as spoken at the convention of the regional clubs in the Niagara frontier in upstate New York. Randy is a true friend

the-sands-of-time-copy.jpgThe Sands of Time, R.Zack




Last Year’s Southwest Workshop Group(Left to Right)

Jack Graham, Fred Cly (my old friend and Navajo photo guide), and Tim Monk

Andre Chouinard (Ottawa Ca), Al Kressler, Randy Zack, John Holiday (one of Fred’s guides)

And Greg Duncan


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  1. What a great idea – lots of fine photographers, and I even know some of them! Some handsome images in your Joshua Tree series below; I’m glad I stopped in.

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