Jack Graham Photography Workshops presents the
Photo Classroom in the Field ®

Single Day , One on One Photography Workshops
© Jack Graham

  COST: $300.00
(transportation included)

Area Specific: 

Columbia River Gorge

Central and Northern Oregon Coast ( Haceta Head Lighthouse north to Cannon Beach)

Portland Cityscapes

Willamette Valley Wine Region

Mt. Hood (some of the lakes, streams, valleys and agricultural areas around Mt. Hood)

Mt Adams and vicinity 

Coming in 2009:Mt St. Helens

Silver Falls State Park

These single day, one on one “PHOTO CLASSROOM in the FIELD”™ photography workshops will offer the beginner or advanced photographer a personalized photographic experience that will offer tutorial information regarding all aspects of photography. All aspects of photography will be covered within this one on one experience. The full day workshop experience will be customized to the individual based on skill level and needs.


All instruction and discussions are done in the field, not in a classroom in some of the most scenic locations in the world. The day starts with a sunrise shoot and ends with a sunset opportunity. This IS a full day of emersion into photography.

Advanced photographers can expect as much or as little instruction as desired. I can guarantee that you will get to the best locations here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, at the best times to capture some great images. 


The itinerary will be customized to your needs and desires while accounting for the time of year, lighting and weather conditions Transportation is provided. I drive, you don’t. The time in-between locations also serves to continue the discussion from a prior location and provide hints and tips about what’s ahead, or any specific questions you may have. 

The One on One, single day “PHOTO CLASSROOM in the FIELD”™ PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS charge is $300.00. This includes transportation from your location (or a pre selected meeting point) and back. You can use the registration form on my web site (downloadable) Or you can contact me at or by phone at 503-590-4100 Availability is only limited to prior commitments or prior workshop schedules.



One thought on “ANNOUNCING-Single Day, One on One, PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS!!”

  1. I read you conduct one on one workshops. do you conduct workshops for two or three on one. My daughters and i are getting very interested in mastering outdoor photography and related issues. one of my daughters and i recently had a workshop with John Fielder in Crested Butte, CO and we want to do more in either WA or OR. i also have another daugher who lives outside Seattle who is interested as well. we are looking for a workshop next May. thanks for any information you may provide to us. your website is very interesting to us.

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