Lithium Batteries–travelling with!!!!

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Most of us fly a lot when going to places to photograph. You might need to know this so you won’t be surprised when Mr. or Miss TSA  approaches you regarding your camera batteries.

Here is the new federal law  as of Jan 1 2008. It bans spare lithium batteries in checked
Effective January 1, 2008, air travelers will be required to keep all spare lithium batteries in
carry-on baggage, with the terminals covered.
For more details, please visit the Department of Transportation’s Safe Travel Web site at

This quote comes from their web site:

 Spare batteries are the batteries you carry separately from the devices they power. When batteries are installed in a device, they are not considered spare batteries.You may not pack a spare lithium battery in your checked baggageYou may bring spare lithium batteries with you in carry-on baggage – see our spare battery tips and how-to sections to find out how to pack spare batteries safely!Even though we recommend carrying your devices with you in carry-on baggage as well, if you must bring one in checked baggage, you may check it with the batteries installed .The following quantity limits apply to both your spare and installed batteries. The limits are expressed in grams of “equivalent lithium content.” 8 grams of equivalent lithium content is approximately 100 watt-hours. 25 grams is approximately 300 watt-hours:Under the new rules, you can bring batteries with up to 8-gram equivalent lithium content. All lithium ion batteries in cell phones are below 8 gram equivalent lithium content. Nearly all laptop computers also are below this quantity threshold.You can also bring up to two spare batteries with an aggregate equivalent lithium content of up to 25 grams, in addition to any batteries that fall below the 8-gram threshold. Examples of two types of lithium ion batteries with equivalent lithium content over 8 grams but below 25 are shown below.For a lithium metal battery, whether installed in a device or carried as a spare, the limit on lithium content is 2 grams of lithium metal per battery.
Almost all consumer-type lithium metal batteries are below 2 grams of lithium metal. But if you are unsure, contact the manufacturer!

Also, another web site: states:Q. Will TSA baggage screeners allow me to carry spare batteries through the security check point at airports?
A. Yes, but the spare batteries should be protected to prevent short-circuiting.

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 I first met Ralph over at Mono Lake a few years ago while doing a workshop. We were 2 of probably about 200 photographers there to shoot sunrise! Since then we’ve kept track of each other via email etc. Like me Ralph likee to share  lots of good photography hints & tips that makes his web site: and is well worth checking out.

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