laortill1.jpg TILLIMOOK BAY

I spent a day exploring on the Oregon Coast, preparing and learning the spots for my workshops here in 2008 ( details will be found here as well as at www.jackgrahamphoto.com in mid September). I drove the stretch from Tillamook to Newport. I saw lots of wildlife ( Elk, brown pelicans, cormorants, lots of shore birds, harbor seals etc… ). I caught the sunrise at low tide looking across Tillamook Bay ( Tillamook is know for the cheese!). There are 2 roads that take you off HWY 101 and close to the ocean. There is so much to shoot it’s a paradise. The small town of Depoe ( known for having the world’s smallest navigable harbor) is a really cool place to shoot the boats in it’s harbor. It’s also know as the best spot on the Oregon Coast for whale watching. The light wasn’t great ( bright sun, no clouds) but I had a great day and look forward to many more.

laorlhcmears1.jpg CAPE MEARS LIGHTHOUSE

laorcst_anderson1.jpgANDERSON’S VIEWPOINT ( Three Arch Rock in the distance)



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