I’ve Got the Blues


While getting settled here in Oregon I’ve been reading lots of books that I brought along with me about Blue Herons. I am preparing an article that will go up on my web site in a few weeks about these birds. It will be structured toward things most folks don’t know about them. Here’s a tease…Did you know that they have 3 “fingers” facing front on their feet? Did you know that the middle “tow” has a special hook built in to help preen themselves with? It’s the only such hook on their feet or legs.  More to come!

(This Heron was one of my last Heron images from the Cuyahoga Valley NAtional Park in Ohio, Photographed June 2007)



2 thoughts on “I’ve Got the Blues”

  1. Jack – the tonalities in this are perfect to my taste. Subtle – artistic. My rendition is much more “in your face”. I also like your placement of the bird. Only thing I would do is dodge the corners and soften the branches near the edge of the frame.

    This is a winner!

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