The Road to Oregon/Wednesday


Another 600+ miles—here in Butte tonight. Butte is just west of the Continental Divide about 6300′.  Drove through NE Wyoming and drove by Devils Tower National Monument( Above). There is sure lots of wide open spaces. Tomorrow, I’ll drive up to Sandpoint Idaho and visit Linda’s brother and spend tomorrow night in Spokane before driving through the Palouse on Friday and into Portland Friday night.

Interesting stop along the way:


Duke & Roscoe relaxing before leaving this AM.


Sunset just west of Butte tonight. Shot from the car off I 90




6 thoughts on “The Road to Oregon/Wednesday”

  1. You’ll be spending the morning in my favorite part of the country. Can’t say much for Butte, except that it’ll be good to have it behind you. Enjoy the mountains. Safe travels.

  2. That’s a truly beautiful sunset, I’d swap that anyday-day-of-the-week for the miserable rain we’ve got here in the UK!

  3. Hey Jack, how come you make Roscoe and Duke share a bed???? They should each get their own room!!! BTW you camera even takes good photos out west!!! I’m going to the Beaver Marsh on Saturday, then I might go pester Bob at his booth.

    Nice Photos, keep em coming.


  4. Hey Jack, great images, I’ll bet the trip was fun, and nice to see my buddy’s again, and I agree with Ron, shame on you making them sleep in the same bed.

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