FAVORITE OHIO IMAGES # 13, reflection


Tinkers Creek Overlook, Bedford Reservation



Well, this is my final post of some of my Favorite Ohio Images here on the blog. Tomorrow, its off to Oregon to turn yet another page. I look forward to the new opportunities in the west and returning to an area I grew to love. I will not only miss the photographic opportunities here in Ohio, but above all the friends I made here in 4 short years. I’ll be back here to do some workshops ( October 07, coming soon–see workshop area here on the blog!) as well as to see friends and shoot some of the places that I never made it to.

I know when I pull out of the driveway and take a last look at things I’ll be remembering all the good times here that will serve me ( and us) well to think about  in the future. I think I’ll drive north through the park one last time rather than take the interstate. 

Please keep in touch, send me lots of images from the area, and if you all ever get to Oregon, send me an email and let me know where & when.

Starting tomorrow(Monday 7/16), I’ll be posting (I hope!) an image or 2 a day while driving west. 

Rather than driving the boring route through Iowa, Nebraska and southern Wyoming, my route will take me west to Rockford Illinois, then up to I-90 in Minnesota. Then it’s straight west through Minnesota and into South Dakota through the Badlands, Black Hills , past Devils tower. I’ll pass through N. Eastern Wyoming connecting with I-90 in Montana. I’ll stop in Northern Idaho and then pass through Spokane and spend a little time in the Palouse, just south of Spokane. Then it’s SW across eastern Washington , across the Columbia River and west through the gorge into the Portland area.  Please check back. You never know what I might find!

Thanks again for everything.

See you in the field!


HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!



2 thoughts on “FAVORITE OHIO IMAGES # 13, reflection”

  1. Safe travels, Jack. Keep us posted as you explore your new surroundings. See you back here in the Fall.

  2. Hey Jack, have fun traveling with Duke and Rosco, your latest images posted look great, hope to see you in the west.

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