Triangle Bog is an unique natural area east of Akron about 15 miles off I 76. It is a great area for all kinds of photography. In the falls the tamaracks turn yellow/orange before dropping their needles. (They are the only pine to drop their needles). This images was made on a frosty morning , when my good friend Chuck Beatty ( see the link to Chuck’s site) and I made the trek over to the bog. We caught it at just the right time to get the reflections in the calm water.

Below is another image showing what you can do when working this area for different effect. This is an Edward Westonish effect using color and reflections. 


In June the pitcher plants bloom. These plants are carnivorous. The eat insects. Rain water is captured in their bowls. A secretion draws in the insects then kills them prior to consumption. There are small hair like structures that prevent the insect from escaping. Yum! Triangle Bob contains many interesting plants to shoot. Again you could spend hours in just a small area of this  location. Mike Moats and I shot these for a few hours one morning with some good success ( See link for Mike’s great work)

flewfpitch3.jpgFlowering pitcher plant

flewfpitch4.jpgBase of the pitcher plant


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