Most local photographers are aware of these waterfalls located here in the CVNP.  Above and directly below is Blue Hen Falls photographed on October 1006, and January 2007 respectively. The image above is the “classic” image of Blue Hen Falls that many of us shoot. However, most of my favorite images of BHF are made at the base of the falls ( it is sometimes pretty treacherous climbing down into the gorge, but worth it).  Blue Hen Falls is always one of the highlights of my workshops here in the park in the fall.

What isn’t shot too often are these waterfalls in the winter. The image below was made this past winter when the temperature was right about zero.  As you can see the ice in crusts the minimal amount of water coming over the falls. Boots with ice attachments are a must for climbing into this area.

Note the discoloration of the rock. You can see the result of the iron rich water in both the ice, rock and even the water flow at certain times of the year. It adds the reddish/orangish effect that can be noted in all the images below. 

ice_lanpcvbhf3.jpgBlue Hen Falls, Winter 07

Below are two images of Brandywine Falls. First is a shot made in Spring 2005. Again note the orange color of the water at the top. That’s the rock below shining through the water. The rock is orange because of the abundance of  iron in the rock. This images was made from the upper viewing platform, which is better for shooting angles in the spring & fall.

The second image below, is  that  of Brandywine Falls in the winter of 2005 from the lower viewing platform. Again boots with ice climbing attachments are a must.

These are both magical places with lots of different subjects and angles to photograph.

lanpcvbwf1_0506.jpgBrandywine Falls, Spring 2005

 ice_lanpcvbwf7.jpgBrandywine Falls, Winter 2005


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