This is the “boardwalk” crossing the Beaverpond in the CVNP. ( Park at the Ira Road trailhead, follow the path north about 1/2 mile to the boardwalk).

This is truly one of my favorite areas in the CVNP. Sometimes I walk by dogs here twive a day when I’m around. You truly never know what you’ll see here. All of these images we ahow within the past 2 weeks or so. In addition to the abundant bird populationthere are many beavers that actually bulit the pond the this boardwalk crosses. If you get there at daybreak, you can usually see them feeding, and working on the banks of the pond as well as their homes. This pond was created by the beavers and is florishing. Alond with the beavers, water snakes, frogs, geese, deer, uscrats & mink, turtles and more are often visiable. The best times to be here are daybreak + 2-3 hours. 

 heron1.jpg Blue Heron

heron2a.jpg Green Heron

avsbcrwbb_0706a.jpg Tri-Colored Blackbird

bird1.jpg Eastern Meadowlark (immature)

wooduck1.jpg Young wooducks


3 thoughts on “FAVORITE OHIO IMAGES #9”

  1. Jack – great presentation of what one can acomplish in one area in the short span of 2 weeks if they become one with the site. I know you are drawn here. I always thought it was simply because it is likely to be productive, but obviously you “connect” as well. Heart as well a mind, no?

    One question, the first boardwalk shot – how tall are you? Having shot that at least 10 times, your camera looks like it is positioned at about 10′ above the boardwalk. Am I that short?

    Thanks for sharing this series!

  2. Great set of shots, Jack. I’ll miss running into you out at the boardwalk. Now that I think about it, seems like that’s the place where I first met you and Duke (probably was still using my crappy $50 tripod). Thanks for all you’re shared over the past couple of years. It won’t be the same here without you.

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