Day Lily

I didn’t have to go far for this one. My wife Linda has worked really for 3+ years making our yard look amazing with many different flowers, from native wildflowers to basically anything that will flower & grow. We only hope that the new inmates of our place will not only take care of them, but enjoy them like we do. Somehow I know she’ll do the same in Oregon.

I few of my friends have shot some images here recently. I love to see what other good photographers do with subjects I’ve already shot. I am always looking for other folks input. That’s how you learn.

This day lily was shot last year after a rain. We have over 16 different species growing here now. I look forward to shooting some this week before we leave for Oregon in about 2-16 days. 



3 thoughts on “FAVORITE OHIO IMAGES #8”

  1. Beautiful colors, Jack. This is one of my favorite lily shots. I went out this morning to shoot a new variety that had just started blooming. To my dismay, the deer had eaten every bloom out there. No more Mr. Nice Guy!

  2. Jack, this is a deep, rich purple. What a beautiful daylily! Your wife will enjoy the growing season in Oregon–our flowers (for the most part) bloom all the way into November. Daylilies do very well here.

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