I am constantly amazed on the endless avian photography possiblilites here in the Midwest. I lived for 10 years about  miles from the largest brackish water estuary in the country in northern California. (Suisun Marsh-Grizzly Island Wildlife Refuge, between Sacramaneto and San Francisco).  I got really spoiled photographing the birds there, since they were so easily accessed. I bet I have hundreds of sell-able blue heron images in my files, but none better than some shot here in Ohio. This guy was so hungry he didn’t even get scared off by me or by my equipment. In fact he was in the middle of gulping down breakfast. They birds catch these small fish then turn them around head first and down the hatch.

I never get tired of photographing these guys. NE Ohio is blessed with many good areas get good images of these wonderful almost prehistoric looking creatures.



3 thoughts on “FAVORITE OHIO IMAGES #4”

  1. Jack, I love the boardwalk image–such a mood about that rising mist. You’ll find many such outings in Oregon, as well–we’re big on wildlife refuges and hiking trails.

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